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@minty_da I cannot claim this, unless improving the quality of pirated audio books from 20 year old tapes is evil

attention: please gently the possums

@embr Here and I figured the position of the sun was a good one

I'd say I'm shocked you don't know my face but we didn't interact much on twitter

And I did sign my proof with they key I wanted you to sign, detached sig at the bottom

Hmmm. I guess I'm not sure i can prove myself to you at this time

Still, the best proofs are over time. Perhaps next time you sign keys you'll remember me

@embr hmmm. Not sure how to do that but I find this an interesting exercise

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@apow is very much online right now
Go check them out for peek sheeping hours

@Lotherme @Griff ohhhhh, I wish we beat that on stream!
But it was hard for folks to control

I like this a lot

"I spend so much time explaining the superior revolutionary tactics of people who dress like murder clowns or like plushy animals... 1995 me would assume 2019 me took too many drugs."

@ak @irina Country names are something that should be search based with a "snap" to the correct name either when chosen or when the user leaves the input (choose best match)

It isn't too hard, but again, this is an input difficulty and implementing a JS search algorithm isn't trivial

@ak @irina I'ver created a system for exactly this and there are a lot of gotchas, more than you'd expect, especially involving the position of the cursor

I think the average web developer doesn't have time to implement this and it just isn't a common UI element in the toolboxes I've seen

Reminds me that I should clean up my implementation and put it online

@itspomf because human brains evolved to recognize good doggos when we see them so we can give them treats

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