Inktober 24 

Inktober 24: just an abstract collection of lines absent meaning or significance, hidden or otherwise, and I will fight anyone who disagrees.

Inktober 22 

Inktober 22: Fallout: the age of wonderbeasts.

Admittedly phoning it in a bit tonight.

… why isn't Running in the 90s on my running playlist!

@behold3r i think you need a 6 button sega genesis fighting stick to do it

My USB midi doodad is now sending all the right USB headers

It doesn't communicate otherwise yet
Tomorrow we teach it to speak Midi, which is a substantially larger standard than the USB descriptors but it is made of smaller parts it seems, and one can implement them in separable ways

Hope I can get it talking this weekend

With luck I'll have a patch submitted to another upstream project too and once I get my ducks in a row I'll open source the libs I'm writing

Could be fun! 🌩️ 💝

Inktober 15 

Inktober 15: the shield of Achilles.

Needed to do something simple today, since I don't feel at all well tonight.

Inktober 13 

Inktober 13: Wolf of Sietch Tabr.

It's more than a bit silly, but technically I'm on theme for today.

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