One of my jobs at work today was to take the last "A Class" locomotive our company owns to it's final resting place. Tomorrow they'll start cutting it up for scrap. #trains #railways

@robinsyl I think it is, to be honest. It is on an island in the middle of a pond in the center of a valley

You don't get much more mystical than that

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@paeneultima or makes sense as an admin of an instance

We admins and mods can do a ton of things to protect our users

Helping other admins is a bonus. Local users first!

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Is placidness a ?
Also a Mandarin duck couple! Which were super hard to capture, but they were around

Got a bunch of today
First up is a bald cypress with its knotty roots coming up out of the ground

*sees a birdhouse in the woods*
Wow! Must be some sort of advance European bird. No American bird could make something like that!
It's a wooden house, I think that means it was made by an American bird

Folks, I have been severely burned

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One of my grasses is going to flower
This one usually sends out runners, so I'm curious to see how this works since it sent out a whole new stem just for the flowers

as a DM, my two favorite types of NPC are:

"I spent a long time working out this character's headspace, I really like them, and I'm excited to introduce the party"


"yeah, you need to go over by the old Gilliani place, past Old Madge's house, and down t-" "who's Old Madge? do I know Old Madge?? I wanna meet Old Madge!"

@itspomf I mean sure
It wasnt my point what is done under the hood
It is that it is a fully fledged part of the system. Deep integration with things like GC and a spec that makes its own guarantees

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