(~) Meta on Abuse 

@velexiraptor hello! I requested a follow but wanted to say hi too
It looks like at least one of my friends follows you and you seem to post good content

Also your banner Pic is pink clouds so

(-) Fedi is kinda negative lately 

@JulieSqveakaroo @kd you wouldn't switch out those, just milk in liters and speeds in kph
Over the long run those old inch standards might fade, but they wouldn't nuke them from orbit. How could they

You have brought up a good example of something that would stick around for a long time by necessity, but not an argument against really

@starseeker @kd I moved to Europe and honestly immersion is fine
You won't die or anything because you aren't sure what a sensible number to pull out of thin air is and everything else is measured

Oxygen not included 

@apow @wolfpede

two twinks driving mechs

two twinks driving mechs

my muscles

my muscles

involuntarily flex

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