Enjoying the view, gathering my thoughts
Then I realize I'm not alone

Just below where I was leaning a tiny beetle friend!

They flew away after I took the pics, but they seemed nice!

Look at this storm boiling up as it comes over the mountains on radar

Me planting a clipping of a vine: yessss, gonna have a long elegant graceful vine
The vine: *ORB*

Also hung the small one that @kondziu made when this one was late
This one is right in front of me and is very very special

🌩️ πŸ’ 🐹

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Power tools were used!

@kondziu got me a present four our 3 year anniversary and it finally got made the voyage across the Atlantic

Thanks babe!

This friend's name is Itll
Itll always reminds me that it'll be okay

It's hard to believe him sometimes, and it's not always clear when or how

But Itll has been right so far
[plushie eye contact]

keyboard on my lappy broke and there is a pattern to the keys that don't work
Looks like a few connections between the keyboard and its micro-controller are dead


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