I never noticed that the eternity collars were individually numbered

Uhโ€ฆ @sudo_bee this may be of interest to you

PH (~) 

They're so proud of themselves! And they should be
They put the whole desk together

Now if only they'd clean up

As someone once said.
Dress for the weather you want

10ยฐC and rain?
Still wearing this and no outer layer
[eye contact]

Is placidness a ?
Also a Mandarin duck couple! Which were super hard to capture, but they were around

Got a bunch of today
First up is a bald cypress with its knotty roots coming up out of the ground

One of my grasses is going to flower
This one usually sends out runners, so I'm curious to see how this works since it sent out a whole new stem just for the flowers

This has bugged me for a long while but I only just got it on camera
The counters (inside bits) of the 8 don't point at each other
It is also visible on the small 8s if you know what to look for in subpixel hinting
That means they used the same opitical font size for the big numbers as the rest of the display

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