TFW your fitbit can detect how dead you feel inside and asks for your pin again even though you've been wearing it the whole time

@electroCutie wait a sec, modern smartwatches require a pin? sheesh, guess i'll be sticking to my pebble a lot longer than i thought lol

@EeveeEuphoria @electroCutie it makes sense if you consider how much a modern smart watch costs

at least the apple watch can be used to tell time when not unlocked

@ChlorideCull @electroCutie my watch costed $149 around it's launch window

now of course i paid a lot less for it since it's a discontinued product nowadays, but still it wasn't cheap when it launched

@ChlorideCull @electroCutie oh also who's gonna steal it exactly, it's on your wrist at all times

like, unless an MMA fighter decided to pick up the life of crime w/ stealing smartwatches, and has the strength to pull a smartwatch off my wrist, it's not exactly practical to steal a smartwatch

@EeveeEuphoria @ChlorideCull I set mine to lock when it is off because it can be used as an nfc payment card

This is optional. I could not turn that on and not have a pin. It still shows time when locked and, as I said, it is only when it comes off your body

Prevents it from being stolen for use when you take it off incidentally

And again, I opted into this. This was my choice

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