TFW your fitbit can detect how dead you feel inside and asks for your pin again even though you've been wearing it the whole time

@electroCutie wait a sec, modern smartwatches require a pin? sheesh, guess i'll be sticking to my pebble a lot longer than i thought lol

@EeveeEuphoria this also works as a NFC payment card, so with that enabled yes

@electroCutie ohhh, well that explains it then

...though i'd think my solution would be just, ask for the pin when you're near an NFC reader instead, or just tap something to activate it

instead of locking out the ability to see your friggin watch

@EeveeEuphoria that is an option, yes

I prefer this one. It was actually a choice

@electroCutie ...ah

well i guess i'm just not a fan of having to unlock my watch just to use it then lol

i guess i'm still interested in modern smartwatches now

@EeveeEuphoria @electroCutie it makes sense if you consider how much a modern smart watch costs

at least the apple watch can be used to tell time when not unlocked

@ChlorideCull @electroCutie my watch costed $149 around it's launch window

now of course i paid a lot less for it since it's a discontinued product nowadays, but still it wasn't cheap when it launched

@ChlorideCull @electroCutie oh also who's gonna steal it exactly, it's on your wrist at all times

like, unless an MMA fighter decided to pick up the life of crime w/ stealing smartwatches, and has the strength to pull a smartwatch off my wrist, it's not exactly practical to steal a smartwatch

@EeveeEuphoria @electroCutie the apple watch only locks itself when you take it off

also muggings exist

@ChlorideCull @electroCutie eh

well the apple watch is smart in that case, i'd hope android smartwatches are similar but i've heard none of them are good ever

(and judging by fitbit having two choices, i'm assuming there isn't a third choice that is actually good)

@EeveeEuphoria @ChlorideCull I set mine to lock when it is off because it can be used as an nfc payment card

This is optional. I could not turn that on and not have a pin. It still shows time when locked and, as I said, it is only when it comes off your body

Prevents it from being stolen for use when you take it off incidentally

And again, I opted into this. This was my choice

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