Meta on whatever is going on with fedi? IDK? 

You know, I have NO idea what is going on in fedi and why people are acting so weird

And I'm kinda glad I don't need to know

Open for short summary 

@electroCutie Short summary: Several folks are taking sides in a conflict that involves anti-semitism (accusations both ways) poor moderation (also both ways) and angry/aggressive users fighting with one another.


@electroCutie I'm more frustrated by the bickering going on by the President right now, and the ridiculous antics he and his administration are up to. It's utterly absurd, exhausting, and overly real and painful.

My personal take 

@electroCutie My personal reaction is that I've blocked or unfollowed several folks directly involved mostly because they're annoying the hell out of me with their fighting. People on the sidelines, supporters, and people on the periphery, are having a lot of takes, some good, some bad. I'm chill with them.

Open for short summary 

@pandora_parrot @electroCutie I think that's always going to be the downside of non-corporate social media. You trade the impersonal corporation for an often very personal admin, which has its own problems. A similar thing happened way back when I was getting started and that's part of the reason I switched to beach city, because I perceived it was less likely to happen, both because our instance is small and because we have such active open admins.

Open for short summary 

@chimerror @electroCutie Ironically, one of the instances that is at the heart of the current conflict was a bit smaller than Beach City.

Open for short summary 

@electroCutie @chimerror Check out to see that any time! But 122 users with something like 71 active!

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