So I was watching this youtube video yesterday and he said that "Everyone" likes to see someone get hurt.

Either a little bit physically or socially. Schadenfreude. And used youtube videos where and expert is being shown as being embarrassed as the thumbnail

And… No? No please no I hate that? It isn't punching up

Is anyone else incredibly turned off by the idea of enjoying someone else suffering? I GET schadenfreude but this seems way different?

What is wrong with people


@electroCutie Agreed, While sometimes force, pain or even death might be necessary for the best outcome, the suffering in that shouldn't be celebrated or enjoyed.

Society seems to want to prime us against each other with the authoritarian idea of "They got what was coming to them." its a crude way to reinforce rules and punish people labeled as "freeloaders."

It's something I rejected when I change my ideals from "Freedom should be maximized," to "suffering should be eliminated."

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