Having to get back into some code I wrote over a year ago

Oof, its mostly good stuff but I need to learn more of what to comment, and what those comments should be

On the bright side I get to play with some type-level reasoning about a protocol, so that is fun!

@electroCutie nice ! Did you write some tests or documentation? It can be handy sometimes to find your way around.

@aRkadeFR Sadly not yet
The project was stopped part-way-though

Getting the chance to finish it up some. Docs first, but tests definitely will come

@aRkadeFR one is proprietary for calibration, the other is to program the bare microcontrolelr to run THAT protocol

So really low level serial things. Bit stuffing and everything, but that makes it all the more important to get it right. Debugging on the ancient micros we were stuck with isn't fun.

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