Watch out boy, she'll snoot you up

Oooohhh here she comes

She's an anteater

Work sent me flowers welcoming me back and wishing me well

Everyone at work is so sweet 🌩️💝

The wand my ILNP magnetic polish came with is powerful enough and large enough that bobby pins wind stay together on it, they try to follow the field lines and splay out
They won't smooth together at all

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ok weird but cute animals you probably didnt know existed thread

we start with the pink fairy armadillo :3

Cat baby in my lap!

I'm cat mom
This cat has 3 moms. What a lucky boy!
[eye contact]

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I have a big problem accepting the fact that I'm actually a fairly social person, willing to engage

It comes out when talking to people that are in a similar situation to me, or one I'm familiar with, and my take on it is WILDLY different than theirs; either in experience or in actions taken.

Sorry if I've done this to you. This is a hard one for me. Remembering that not everyone feels as comfortable as I do with strangers

All the trams are normil, but one tram is special Xmas tram! o.o

sex positive isabelle + lewd words

Guys I figured it out, I solved it

People in New England don’t drink iced coffee in the winter because we’re “powerful” or “edgy” or “frozen beings from beyond the wall” it’s to counteract the effect of walking into a building blasting the heat while you’re wearing four coats

me: death of the author is some bullshit that pe-
jk rowling: hi
me: hmmm well now that i think about it

I'm old
Someone complained about amd 8AM class and the first thought through my head was "you mean like a JOB"

And I feel bad
Capitalism sometimes gets you. Stay vigilant!

Katamari is honestly really hard for some people to play because the king of all cosmos is flat out abusive and this is absolutely triggering to some folks, including people I love who really do want to play it

It's hard to believe they didn't make him more light-hearted in the reroll

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