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The System is not set up to help you succeed

The rules are there to lubricate the bureaucracy, take power from you, protect profits, and maintain what is considered social order

Following the rules will not allow you to become happy and healthy and there is no gold star for doing so

Do everything short of felonies to peruse your happiness and the betterment of the world around you
Do not suffer the limits of those who might oppress you kindly

This is your life, not theirs
🌩️ 💝

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Your semi regular reminder that labels are meant to aid understanding, not dictate behavior

If someone or something doesn't fit a label exactly right then it is the label which is the wrong not the person or thing

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If you want to follow me please drop me a DM first
Also you must be over 18 and I try to avoid any contact with people that regularly start internet fights. I just don't need that sort of thing in my life anymore.

@isa Perhaps a bit on the nose but…
[electronic music & mushrooms, a tiktok]

@kondziu over there practicing melee archery in Mount & Blade

Programming, microcontrollers, asking for help finding a tool 

I could use some help with something

I want to see how some of my code written in rust translates down to ARM assembly, but a lot of it

I know of godbolt but I think this is much larger than what that is designed to handle

I'd like to have llvm annotate the assembly with debug info or recombine the debug info with a disassembled version of the code. Something like that

Anyone have any thoughts?

ur a kid ur a squid ur a squid ur a cutie pie :patcat:​

Its hard to trust that this will work sometimes. Its so easy to cut, to put in the last word, to give back anything negative you've been given.

But it has been worth it. Right now I just need to remember it more than ever.

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NeilC style mashup but instead of music: universes

Play the Firefly RPG but set on and around DS9

Inktober 31: turn marker.

@electroCutie mentioned wanting to play a long running slow game of Go, so I made this.

A day late for inktober, but whatever.

Inktober 28: Trurl and Klapaucius. (re-up to remove leftover pencil marks)

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Beach City

Beach City is our private beach-side sanctuary for close friends and awesome folks. We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.