"I'll slide into your DMs."
Why are you trying to wear my boots?

Bad joke, plastic models 

Santa is a big model train enthusiast. Thing is he only works in one scale.

-My cat's name is Tom.
"Oh! Like Tom and Jerry?"
-No, I named him that because he's always in MySpace. :)

I am strongly in the Fuck 2020 camp. Who's with me?

Tech joke, OLD subject 

The Graphics Interchange Format is a gift to the world :)

tech meme joke 

Magneto meme:
Picture of Ubuntu desktop:
"Show me the real Linux"
Picture of CENTOS
"I said the *real* Linux,"
Picture of commandline

Evangelion, character theory, relationships 

Shinji is (among other things) a bottom. Which is why his canon relationships are with tops (Asuka, Kawrou).

Shinji x Kawrou forever. Yes, even at the expense of the rest of humanity in that canon :)

Work stuff 

What you become if you don't say no to requests.


@dragonbait1 I agonize over the necessity of going out for literally anything I do out of the house...

I can't imagine people getting haircuts and tattoos and going on indoor vacations. Like... frivolous stuff you don't need in some way? Risking your life and the lives of others for that? Really?

criticism of Marxism-Leninism 

I did anarchism earlier. Why not Leninism! Oh right, because the criticism of it is a lot more boring.

The the top problem imo with ML is that the organizational structure of a political party is an awful, awful way to organize a state. This is because a political party is a voluntary organization, and a state is not. The way you purge somebody from a party is you kick them out. The way you purge somebody from a nation is you imprison, exile or kill them.

criticism of anarchism 

@dragonbait1 I have similar goals. Mostly, I think people should be supported through hardship and given a chance to get themselves out of it. I also am very interested in protecting diversity of ideas, perspectives and experiences because I think that diversity leads to social innovation and a better society. Finally, I think there should be more democracy in the workplace because I think that also leads to social innovation and a better society.

"Why do you still have your Xmas tree up?"

-The Xmas tree is an integral part of the network and my cable management.

Terrifying answers to unexpected questions

Drugs mention joke 

I wish Walter Bishop was my pharmacist

News story "new reactor may finally give us fusion."
Steven Universe fans: "you have my attention." :)

Bad joke, drug reference 

Some people do dangerous things like snort amphetamines from tht blade of a knife.

I do dangerous things like eat raw cookie dough from the blade of a butter knife. :)

Bad joke song 

I stepped on a kitty!
I'm feeling so shitty,
That I might have hurted you!
(To the tune of "Stuck on a feeling")

Bad joke 

"Whatcha doing?"
Charting corruption in government. But I'm stuck.
"What's wrong?"
I'm running out of graft paper.

Mh drugs mention health. 

A pile of interactions.
-Asthma, so stimulants help me breathe.
-Bipolar, so stimulants enable or replicate mania
-Anxiety, so stimulants cause panic attacks.

Panic attacks feel like asthma attacks, so imagine being panicked, hyper engaged and unfocused and gasping for air.

I so need to get past my fear and go to a doctor

YouTube video, DIY, funfur 

I'm sure that a room that is wall to wall in funfur fabric is relevant to sombody's thoughts in Beach City.

If I didn't have cats and dust allergies I could see it as a safe quiet space. Imagine how sound deadening that is. Put a layer of terrycloth behind it for super quiet.


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