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TIL that a Symbol for Socialist Democrats is a rose. Consider Rose Quartz's revolution against exploitation, envromental disaster and hierarchy.

It's going to start getting hot this weekend. It's time to install the CAL ISO app!

You can see how much power the grid can generate, and how much we're using in almost real time! Also see emissions, renewables, and wholesale energy cost!

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Browsing my Music and I see the Steven Universe soundtracks. I think, "gosh its been a while since I listened to this" and put on the last 3 tracks from Volume 2.

So now here I am crying listening to "Love Like You (Reprise)" because Steven Universe makes me cry, apparently. It has been a while so I forgot.

Open plan office, my headphones become portable privacy for people who might be talking in earshot.

Dragons that hoard things other than gold boost if you agree

I have had a *lot* of astronomers come up to me and quietly say "I don't usually mention it because I have a boyfriend but..."

(I am pretty visible in general and wear a rainbow pin to conferences.)

(Er, I'm not implying astronomers are special in this, that's just who I go to conferences with.)

And maybe (sorry for turning the entire thread into a rant) I should explain why I care: media representations of bi people shape how we think of ourselves.

If all the bi characters we can think of are a bit wild and don't do monogamy and don't care about convention including other people's existing relationships, what does that do to us when we start to think of ourselves as bi?

In the early second season (?) she gets Tahani for a soulmate in one of the replays (which makes me wonder about Tahani, but). But yes, she's very likable.

This is what I i taking about elsewhere in the thread: we need enough bi (and other kinds of queer!) characters that negative features of one don't read as a statement about all bi (or...) people.

It's also important to look for certain common threads in how bi characters are portrayed.

I actually wore out a wired optical mouse. I didn't think that was possible

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"The Universe is Just a Simulation" is just Intelligent Design repackaged for nerds.

I have a strong desire to draw, but I can't actually envision anything to draw so I'm just playing with shapes color and sharpies. It feels like I'm not doing anything, but trying to do something specific ties me up with artist's block.

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