Halloweenish humor, death reference 

Steven Universe Movie Spoilers 

Paranoia, home network 

Videogame shitpost 

spicy gender take 

two genders shitpost 

Gravelly smokers voice:
"The drive thru sign next to McDonald's said 'do not enter.' It was good advice, but I wasn't going to take it."

Why couldn't the guitarist make music on their laptop?

They forgot the power c(h)ord

Music & Celebrity discussion, drug mentions 

Don't overthink it...

HellCorp humor 

Lewd, corrupted children's rhyme 

Steven Universe movie spoilers, character insight 

Steven Universe movie and series spoilers, discussion of toxic people 

I want to write long hand and draw, but I am so lethargic I can barely pay attention to YouTube videos.

They're not "silent films" they are the first concept music videos!

Obvious and out of date anime takes 

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