Time to solder together some more Commodore 64.

Installed today:
-> All but one of the resistors
-> Handful of transistors
-> Some of the weirder-valued ceramic caps
-> my love for computing

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Most of the discrete components have been installed. I'm just waiting on the shipment of ferrite beads, the RF modulator, and a single diode.

I've given up on ordering the more esoteric capacitors, which are actually color banded. I've never encountered banded axial ceramic caps before.

The ceramics should last as long as their lacquer does. I had a hundred 104Z discs laying around, so at least those are fresh.

And of course, all of the electrolytics are new.


I'm actually going to get some new film caps. However, is one weird capacitor that I cannot find anywhere: Film 16pF ±5%

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