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I'm not roleplaying, this isn't a game. I'm a wolf for real.

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Steal everything you can get your gay little paws on.

Wowee, a harvest moon and an ISS sighting all at the same time. πŸ›°οΈπŸŒ•

Nevermind on pulling the Color RAM chip, I found a NOS one at a pinball supply website.

Given that at least one of the old chips will pull badly from the original mobo (as one already has), it will definitely be worth the wait and money for getting new ones. All of the special chips have been moved already (CPU, CIAs, SID, VIC).

The PLA has been replaced with a modern chip. :3

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Getting there.

Pulling the logic chips has been a pain in the ass. It may just be worth the money to buy new ones. This may include the Kernal and BASIC ROM chips as well.

The only chip worth the effort is the static VRAM.

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I may say that I hate computer, but I treat computer with love and respect.

doing yet more work on the C64 board transplant and refurbish

all discrete components installed, 95% replaced

now on to the chip sockets :3

Comcast is mailing me offers only a month after going over to a new competitor. Maybe being less shit in the first place would have helped.

I remember back when I threw a handful of magenta and blue cold cathodes. Those were the days.

Now my taste in cases leans toward black obelisks.

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I've booted up the new PC. I'm allowing one rainbow LED to run, and no more.

Boot button? Just bridge the power pins with a screwdriver.

I could also just wire a momentary switch to a pair of jumper cables.

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I'm going to use an IKEA shelf cubicle as the installation for my server. I sent all of my spare ATX cases to the scrap metal recycler.

My old x60 is a piece of shit laptop, but it's a liberated piece of shit laptop.

I still heavily disagree with the libreboot team's sudden interest in "defending" RMS. What's there to defend him from, his own shitty takes and disrespect of others?

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Why can't everything just use libreboot or uboot

Do you ever have a song stuck in your head upon the moment that you wake up?

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