Capped my week off with a root Canal. But hey, New glasses! Seriously though this week stunk and I'm glad it's over for me. Home now for some R&R

Stood up to a bully at work last night, and it looks like others are standing up too.

Gonna pack up all my toys and personal items from this place. I don't feel like it deserves my personal investment here anymore.

My closest work friend was fired today. Their justification feels exceptionally flimsy, so it's got me wondering hard why I put so much effort into this place, when someone in the wrong place taking a disliking to me could flush it all down the toilet.

“I’ve done a new translation of that Cavafy poem,” Aram says to Badim. “The end, anyway. Listen to this: “There’s no new world, my friend , no New seas, no other planets, nowhere to flee— You’re tied in a knot you can never undo When you realize Earth is a starship too.”

Kim Stanley Robinson, Aurora

On the plus side my monitor is properly mounted to my workstation for the first time in two years, and we have newfound space to put clothes away properly.

Lots of reorganizing this weekend. Partner is going through her wardrobe for the first time in years, and I've... started dremeling furniture

Decided to just put new parts in an old case til the new one arrives. So far all the games I've tried are locked at 75fps. I could get used to this.

Sadface because my new pc case won't be delivered til tuesday.

"...once a day or so, a flash of Cherenkov radiation sparks in the water tanks, marking a neutrino hitting a muon. Once in a blue muon."

-Kim Stanley Robinson, Aurora

Today's toots brought to you by the hard scifi I'm rereading for the nth time.

I wonder, who would be willing to board a Sleeper ship headed for another star, unable to know if you'd ever wake up? Would you do it alone? What if you brought your loved ones with you? It feels like the ultimate risk either way, to me. Which is to say I can't discount out of hand that I'd choose to go.

I'm off to see the kitten, the adorable kitten named Bit. Because because because because becaaaauuuuuse.... I said I'd cat sit.

Having one of those evenings when everything feels just a bit off, and I can tell already I'm gonna be restless af.

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Managed to destroy multiple pga pins on my motherboard last night. I am very irked with myself. On the other hand, upgrade time? The gripping hand is that I didn't really want to spend on upgrades right now though, and I question myself as to whether I was being careless because I *wanted* to upgrade. Meh.

"what's your gender?"
"but what's in your pants"

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