Year end review for me at work today. Meehhhhhh

Space porn asteroid stuff 

Sunshine and a park visit this weekend. My brain is just soaking up the sunshine!

I'm tired of terrible puns being relegated to "Dad" humor. I *adore* terrible puns, and I am NO "DAD"!

I know it's DST cutting over, but I'm feeling so incredibly out of it and off-kilter this week. Really wish I could just take a few days off to adjust and soak in the newfound sunshine.

My awesome coworker is handing out flowers to the women here for iwwd. Here's mine.

Unsurprisingly, the last couple of sunny days have me feeling a lot better. I'm just not built for long winters, I guess.

I feel tired in the soul. So, so ready for winter to be over.

OK, gotta rebuild one server and write 3 pages of docs today. No problem!

Mental Health 

So far, Anthem is a bunch of fun. Doesn't grab me the way ME did, but solid shooter fundamentals and an interesting world have me pushing to explore more.

Having a very sick of the grind kind of day. Is it spring yet?

Petition to change agender fashion from frumpy boob-hiding masc flower shirts to elegant Diane Von Furstenberg mechanic’s coveralls.

Monday morning, and back at the dentist. Hopefully last time in a while for me.

This whole waking up automatically at 5-6AM thing is kinda... lonely. I'm happy for the change(results of new brain meds), but my partner isn't a morning person and so I end up twiddling my thumbs and petting cats a lot.

Friday is here, and the day can't end soon enough.

And of course I was up at 4AM. I feel rested though, and I guess it figures since I was asleep around 7:30

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