first two pictures might be valerian?
the last two probably some kind of bedstraw, although i have trouble identifying it more precisely.

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more fireweed, including what seems a paler variant, with bees, bumblebees and an interesting beetle i never noticed before, a eurasian bee beetle.

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@crowlad Looks like some kind of thrush egg to me. Possibly blackbird.

@crowlad really like that last one, all are lovely photos, but the mix of the mini tree-like misses and dead leaves is a great contrast

@crowlad While there's some moss here, what you have in focus is actually lichen. However, both are equally fascinating. More moss macro content please!

@stianhunstad true, unfortunately i'm not aware of a nice hashtag such as mosstodon for lichen on here yet 😅 and i really need to learn more about both mosses and lichens, they're all fascinating in their own right.
from time to time i post similar photos on here (mostly under that hashtag unless i forget), although more often during the colder season when there are fewer fancy flowers taking up my attention in the forest.

@crowlad I'll be sure to use the hashtag myself when I go mossing about with a macro lens come late summer/early autumn 🙂

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