i love arctic terns, their tails remind me of swallows and it's fun to see them soar, rise high then make a steep dive to catch something under the water surface, sometimes multiple times in a row. also they're only here during summer so i appreciate seeing them when i can.

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image description correction 

i was distracted when writing the image description. the animal in the second photo is not a butterfly but a dragonfly, as stated in the toot. 😅

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@crowlad omg, great shots! Do you know about the migration patterns of arctic terns?

@schratze thanks friend! i don't know too much about them yet, although i was astonished to find out that they migrate to the antarctic during our winter when reading up on them 🤯

@crowlad yeah! They're the bird species with the longest migration. It's pretty insane to think about

@schratze it's pretty amazing. probably explains why you can only see them here during a short time of the year, it must take them a while to make that distance. they really gotta love daylight.

@crowlad I love Silene species. We have a species here called fire pink (Silene virginica), and it's sooo beautiful in the emerging spring woods. It just forces you too look at its fiery red flowers amidst the forest's browns and grays.

@delve oh, those look quite different but i love their vibrant red colour!
on a side note, i find it funny that the one that grows where you live is has "pink" in its name when it looks red to me, while the one here has the word "red" in it's name and is actually rather pink.

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