companion thread to mads's thread about hrt: testosterone's effect on the body

my wife found this tea towel at her granny's house and I can't stop laughing at it

Little fluff ball needs your help!

This is Cassiopeia, former street cat, currently waiting in quarantine in Ukraine to be transported to me and my Mia Cat to Berlin, Germany. If you or anyone you know is traveling some time soon from Ukraine to Germany (Berlin/Brandenburg area) and would be willing to transport her, we would be forever grateful! She is ready to go, has all papers & vaccinations but travel right now is difficult.

(Posting this again with pic because you all love cat pics)

Stellaris is 75% on sale on steam, if you're into that sort of thing

I like riding on classic ICs, because sometimes I can look out on the back windows of the last car

🧠 correcting other people's typos
:brain4: lettin typos be
:brain6: leaving typos on purpose to anger prescriptivists and fuck english

@serioussalad It depends. When I'm writing descriptions I find it most helpful to think about why I'm sharing the picture. Is it to illustrate a point, tell part of a story, show off a selfie or my dog, whatever.

Some photos have more salient information than others, and that's okay. Just tell us what you want us to get out of the photo: is this selfie about your new outfit or your hair or your pose or the background, or any combination of those things? Tell us why you care about it.

instance block recommendation 

#fediblock -

- their user "omega9" has been real busy posting racist garbage and has been doing so for a long while (a *lot* of untagged lewds as well, btw)

- according to google translate it's a "no censorship" instance and there aren't any rules listed

- its admin boosts crap from gleasonator btw

- basically it smells like ur run of the mill trashfire freezepeach pleorma instance, except it's masto lol

Today is the first day of haustmánaður, the 12th month of the old nordic calendar, and the last summer month (it's split into two halves, winter and summer.)

Hey, @ people who use screen readers/image descriptions:

Do you prefer long captions that describe every element of the image, or shorter captions that just cover the important/relative bits? or something else?

I'm trying to get better about writing image descriptions and wanna know what's most helpful/useful 😅

poll for people living in the US only, genuinely curious, feel free to boost 

Which of these do you have/use?

Words for queer 


FI: sateenkaareva (sateenkaari = rainbow, kaareva = arched/curved)

So it's literally "like a rainbow", but also the curvedness makes it feel more queer

Words for queer 

What are some interesting words for queer in your language[s]?
I can start.

IS: hinsegin (different, of the other kind, queer)

Example 1: ég notaði bæði hveiti og hinsegin mjöl í brauðið (I used both wheat flour and flour of another kind in the bread.)

Example 2: hann er hinsegin (he is queer.) :)

(CW for the linked interview in that the interviewer is “gender critical”... but also recommended if you want to see her getting increasingly frustrated by a thoughtful interviewee who’s having none of it.)

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“By gender freedom, I do not mean we all get to choose our gender. Rather, we get to make a political claim to live freely and without fear of discrimination and violence against the genders that we are. Many people who were assigned “female” at birth never felt at home with that assignment, and those people (including me) tell all of us something important about the constraints of traditional gender norms for many who fall outside its terms”
- Judith Butler

English is not a universal language. Rambly 

I constantly hear how "everybody" speaks English, and not just from native English speakers, to demonstrate the naivete of learning other languages

But let's look at some of the places where "everyone" speaks English:

In Scandinavia, a region known worldwide for having the most proficient non-native speakers of English, 30-35% of the population don't speak English

India, known for having a large English-speaking population, and where English serves as a lingua franca and language of government (especially in the south), Census figures indicate only 10% are proficient in English

If you only speak English, you are missing out on communicating with so many people and being able to hear their perspectives.

You're also missing out on going through the process of learning another language, so you can't even empathize with the non-native English speakers you speak with

TLDR; monolingual anglophones, learn an additional language, it's fun and worth it!

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