@vikxin yep! I remember. And i remember thinking “oh I’m sure there’s some not terrible reason for this”, and being completely wrong

@vikxin oh yeah, melodysheep is cool!! Fuck pogo forever

How do I tell Spotify to never fucking recommend Pogo to me again

Stranger Things Spoilers 

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trying to work with smbx
attempted to make a "fast retry" script
it only works if your definition of "fast retry" is looser than mine

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If you are using Toot! or Mast on iOS please do consider leaving them positive reviews to counter-act trolls!

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Please remember that there are such things as conflicting accessibility needs, that having these conflicts is inevitable, and not evil, and that sorting out compromises and simultaneous solutions is a mark of a mature, functioning social unit

@snailerotica it would be like the filters in that it would operate on keywords, but unlike the filters in that it would only “close” the CWed posts, not remove them entirely

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CW meta 

@Felthry i mean i have the knowledge and experience to do it, i just don’t know if i have the focus/time, lol

@Felthry i should probably just write the feature tbh

My ideal implementation of CW: you can configure them in your own client to always hide, always show, always hide [list of keywords], and always show [list of keywords]

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@hierarchon @Pyretta my response to CW fatigue was to disable CWs on my timeline completely, so that i basically just i don’t get the benefits of them at all, but my timeline is more readable as a result

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