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I wanted to do something for @pexl who has so kindly done the design for dracoda and ended up making a pixel version of their ferret!!

Dragonite With A Messenger Bag is like 100% a mood for Coda Dragon

This is what this machine was made to do. This is the true power of the switch.

omg i have a button config screen! This was a fair amount of work but not as bad as I was fearing. I need to make little keyboard and gamepad icons to go above the left and right columns still....

I’ve got a config menu that is persistently saving user settings in an INI file!! I know this probably seems mundane but it’s exciting progress for me 💟

woo! The new theme with @Critter's art for our mascot + the colors + background I did the other day! It looks awesome <3

My game has a working title screen and a menu system now!!

OK can i just say

I love how coda is in this pic sitting on the ground, looking stubborn and not wearing any clothing, like "clothes are a social construct and I don't see why i have to care about them" because that's the most coda thing

And looking the website for the exploratorium up, I found that they have a thing on thursday nights where they're open late, which sounds awesome, like hell yeah. But reading onward, I realized that this is called their After Dark program and i lost my utter shit at this

Beach City

Keep Beach City Queer!