A thing I’m learning about art is that it doesn’t matter if a bunch of the details of your piece are kind of broken or don’t make sense as long as the overall effect you wanted was achieved. Sometimes you can look at a totally broken thing and still instantly understand what it’s supposed to be anyway.

I’ve started zooming in on all kinds of art lately and it’s like looking behind a curtain. Everybody’s shit is broken, y’all


Actually i think to call it all “broken” is a bit reductive - what it really is, is that a finished piece of art is kind of an illusion. We take all these little pieces and our brain forms that up into a conceptual like... thing. But at the end of the day the pieces you use to build that illusion are brush strokes and lines and the colors you pick, etc - and it’s really interesting to look “through” the illusion. I’ve been developing that skill as i learn to make art myself..

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