A thing I’m learning about art is that it doesn’t matter if a bunch of the details of your piece are kind of broken or don’t make sense as long as the overall effect you wanted was achieved. Sometimes you can look at a totally broken thing and still instantly understand what it’s supposed to be anyway.

I’ve started zooming in on all kinds of art lately and it’s like looking behind a curtain. Everybody’s shit is broken, y’all

@coda I realized this same thing a year or so ago. I was worried about whether or not I did my title screen well enough that I was overlooking the fact it was missing things that could represent what was inside the game. Content is more important than technique.


@wolfcoder “content is more important than technique” is excellent wisdom

@wolfcoder glares at the Photorealism Boom In Video Games Circa 2010

@coda this realization happened around the same time I was beginning to write the soundtrack. I applied it to my music. I picked the simplest most easiest things for a novice to do and focused on the purpose of each track rather than trying to make epic sweeping retro chiptunes, and the effect is that a lot of people seem to like the music for some reason. This reinforced the idea that you can just design your project around your immediate strengths and weaknesses so you can focus on the subject

@coda (music being the least experienced of my skills, I had only done like six songs in my life before I began working on track 1)

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