I can do art. I’ve still been at that point where it’s hard to say that I’m an artist or that I make art because of how much i don’t know how to do yet.... but ability is a spectrum, and i am farther along it than I was 2 years ago for sure!

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It’s VERY hard initially i think to wanna get on the treadmill of developing a skill like visual art, knowing that it will take years before you start feeling confidence and prowess in the thing. Most of my skills are things that clicked with me in the first days/weeks that i started trying to learn them. I’ve bounced off drawn or painted visual art for many years because it didn’t happen like this

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The main thing that actually changed was losing my job in 2017. It would have been monstrously difficult for me to work full time and learn art the way i have the past few years (even music, which i feel decently fluent in making at this point, suffered heavily while I was working in the recent past).

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I wanna be clear also that it’s not that i had never made art before 2018; but I’ve typically only ever done what came easy to me in the past, and never pushed hard on learning to do more or stepping out of my comfort zone too much. I’ve drawn things from time to time, done visual assets for web design work, did art in school, etc - so I had a lot of basic technical knowledge to draw from. Having free time + ambition + an iPad honestly kicked it into high gear, though.

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@coda I feel this. I'd love to not have to work for even a couple months so I could work on those things myself. >.<

@coda I so strongly relate to this experience. You know it. You're amazing and I think you're an incredible artist.

@coda you can absolutely do art omg these are wonderful

@fluffy it wouldn’t be fair to say that i had never done art before that; I’m a web designer and dev by trade, and i spent a lot of time in high school fucking with photoshop as a result. I’ve certainly done art in school and stuff. But 2018 was when i decided to actually push myself to do art that i couldn’t see myself doing at the time.

@coda holy heck, the growth....

I'm so happy for your improvements!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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