I slept in my new bedroom last night!! Today I’m planning to move most/all of my remaining furniture into the room... it’s happening !!!

It’s so cozy!! The warm lights are critical to the vibe ❤️ all the major furniture is in... I’ve got a couple of my consoles hooked back up...

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If i ever change industries again, I’m just gonna go into interior design

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@coda It's great. And it's making me want to repaint my entire boring house. :P

@coda I can't wait to see all of it! I love seeing people's bedrooms lol

@coda looks lovely 'u' I just got my room redone recently, not quite to this degree, but it was still very fun >w<

@coda Oh wow, very cozy n.n Kinda makes me wish I wasn't renting so I could do something with my room n.n;

@coda wow, I love this, it looks so comforting and warm!

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