It's always funny when people on Twitter think Mastodon is based on a blockchain somehow

"Sounds like your blockchain isn't actually decentralized"

That's my secret cap 😎 There is no blockchain

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I'll do a big brain post and say, in my opinion, blockchains aren't even that decentralized. They're just distributed. You have a single global state and you need consensus in the network to modify it. Mastodon servers have a lot more independence than that 'cause they don't care what else happens in the network.

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Except we *do* care. We tend to care a lot more about the sites we don't federate with than the ones we do 😂😂😂


@yaaps @Gargron I think he means on a technical level, one instance operates independently of the others + doesn’t require all of them to be running the same software or contain the same data to function properly, on its own, whereas bitcoin/etc relies upon every individual user having a copy of precisely the same, constantly changing information.

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