Okay so i spent last night and basically all of today making a LoFi Hip Hop to Relax/Sleep To 24/7 bedroom

I might do some more details tomorrow but I’m done with this for the evening

@coda Ooh, awesome n.n

Kinda want to commission someone to draw Simon's bedroom now.

@SimonTesla id honestly consider taking commissions at some point for something like this, but i don’t quite feel ready to take that kinda thing on yet since i feel like I’m still learning a ton of art stuff rn

@coda wanna interact with all this stuff on my macintosh se

@prehensile hell yes 👍 lofi hip hop point and click game

@daylight someone else brought that up too and MAYBE?? Maybe i could do this? It’s a ton of work but i feel more confident doing this than drawing figures still

@daylight i don’t think I’m ready yet but i could see this being a type of thing people could commission from me in the future

@coda This is very cool and calming. I like it. Thank you for making it.

@frameacloud thank you for the praise! I’m glad you like it. I’m gonna do more in the future bc i love cozy bedrooms

@coda Oh thats so nice, keep on doing the great work

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