The year is 2019 and it’s impossible to talk about any game without first referencing dark souls, rogue, fortnite/pubg, metroid, or castlevania

@coda is there a better name for the metroidvania genre? I know IGA (not sure how he prefers the pseudonym to be formatted?) calls it Igavania (probably copyright reasons?) but that's still referencing castlevania

@Felthry in honesty I’m not sure there really is. It is interesting though how most games right now seem to be a combination of, at most, less than a dozen major game tropes/trendsetters that permeate the scene.

@coda I mean, there've always been genres. They just usually had better names than "<popular-game>like"

@coda FPS started out as "doomlike" so renaming badly-named genres is not hopeless

@Felthry true! Every FPS once was just a weird clone of doom.

@coda @Felthry roguelike is STILL a refernce to an old game even though ost people have never played it

@daylight @coda we've at least played it, it's just not good enough to have kept our attention

@daylight @Felthry I have at least played ascii-art randomized dungeon permadeath games, but I’m not sure if any of them were actually rogue. Maybe once?

@Felthry though i feel like goldeneye and halo (despite both being huge, iconic leaps in console FPS gameplay) missed out on this kind of noteriety and I’m not sure why

@coda A lot of games that really defined genres didn't get genres named after them. Zelda, for example, or Mario, or Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy

@coda one could argue that RPG is a very bad term for the genre it represents, too. cRPGs and WRPGs fit the "role-playing game" aspect better, but JRPGs really aren't what it says on the tin.

@Felthry @coda its interesting how rpg has just started to mean a game with xp and stats

@coda @Felthry i feel like goldeneye wasn't copied so much as admired for its achievement (unless you're talking about Timesplitters)

@coda The Royale Dark Souls of Roguelike Metroidvanias

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