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Me: god I hope Roy and Avery get along
Roy and Avery: *has same tastes in food, sings along together to music that comes on, generally saying Same at each other constantly*

i look away for like ten minutes and my timeline is full of people talking about either mini golf or a talking car (verdict is still out)

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broke: calling her mistress
woke: calling her admin
bespoke: calling her root

have you ever gotten so intimate with someone that you told them your root password

tommy wiseau joining the fediverse, causing like four hours of drama, and then never posting is the biggest dick energy

Dont think of unfinished art you do as a failure! think of it as XP grinding!

Me a week ago: Mastodon seems like a good way to make friends in the fandom

Me now: I've seen most of my new friends' asses and I'm hardly even fazed

if you're in your 30s and like pokemon you're now a Mysterious Fossil

can't fucking believe pokefurs like me are gonna have to be "greymuzzles" because "gen 1ers" already exists and has a negative connotation

I made a bunch of progress on my game project last night and I’m really feeling good about it!! I’ve gotta work on UI and level design and enemy behavior but it’s SHAPING UP 👍👍👍 #gamedev

If you only follow me here and would like to see posts that are not just venting or porn please try: @poss_bot ty 💟

I am SO sorry this account is so evenly split between venting and porn, lmao

It’s kind of a stand in for my private accounts on twitter so it makes sense, but still 😆

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