Because of the state of affairs in the #VR space (VRChat et al), it seems like a good opportunity to build something #IndieWeb-like instead. I've started a brainstorming page at for anyone who's interested in making a *true* metaverse.

If anyone wants to join in on the brainstorming (and please do!), the indieweb wiki is open to all. Logging in requires having an IndieAuth-enabled identity, which can be as simple as adding a couple of lines of HTML to a webpage you control.

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The easiest way to join would probably be by following the directions at

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There have been plenty of "open source" social VR things, but most of them are either tied to crypto or their underlying platforms have been shut down and made unavailable.

Like with IndieWeb, we need to focus on people+protocols, not platforms. Building blocks, not skyscrapers.

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@fluffy God I feel like so much would be improved on the Internet if we moved back to defining protocols instead of platforms

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