Predictions for the future of 2020s discourse:

* "Degenerate is a reclaimed slur now"
* "A failing capitalist empire is Actually Existing Anarchism if you're clever enough to thrive in liminal spaces"
* "New research is in, and it turns out meat & cigs are just plain healthier than soy and vapes, sorry not sorry gamers lol"
* "Strong AI is impossible because it's a type of homeschooling"
* CIA claims there's a secret genocide in Tibet and all that people can think to say is "Holy fuck I can't believe Fullbright Company predicted this"
* "Digitigrade OCs are a grooming mechanism"
* "You should earn an ethics-and-standards license before you are allowed to write code" (licensing requirements and procedures controlled by Google and Raytheon)


@argr the homeschooling one did the most psychic damage but they're all powerful

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