my feeling as a tech person is that everyone else has jobs without which I can't do mine, and probably should make more money than me because they do that for nearly everyone as essential workers.

Instead, they get minimum wage.

I try to donate what I can, but I know I have it lucky and my main feeling is that everyone should have it as "lucky" as me.

And the people who actually keep things running, more lucky than me.

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The leeway my job gives me should be there for everyone, but instead they purposefully understaff and underpay to keep people desperate.

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I'm smart and there are challenges to my job and making sure software works is important!

But there's no point to my job if there's no users because everyone starved.

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If you're in tech too, you're not there because you're a superstar of a human few others can compare.

You're there because your knowledge and skills for greasing the wheels of capitalism is much more valuable to the capital owning class than feeding and clothing everyone.

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And when they have the resources to replace you or pay cheaper for their needs, they will. They don't want more STEM majors because the digital world is important. They want the job market softened until we are as desperate as everyone else. You'll be discarded like everyone else

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