The point of anti-racism is not to absolve white people or to simply conclude racism is just a thing humans do.

Being angry that a BIPOC becomes "unhinged" when the focus in many spaces is every white person patting themselves on the back for getting out of their own racist beliefs rather than any material support of BIPOC...

Show thread very much part of the problem, and y'all might want to consider why BIPOC anger is met in you with concern about white feelings.

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Or why their anger about having to navigate a supremely racist system that is literally trying to extinguish them may not be the sign they're a "grifter".

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The centering of white feelings is the same thing being leaned on when the "fear" that police have is used to write out the anger that their victims have.

Yes, the system taught you like this. It teaches all of us like this, but just realizing that is not a victory but a step.

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There are many who truly believe all are equal, but that the people the system harms deserve it for engaging in criminal behavior. They regard those minorites that fit into white expectations as doing the right thing, and others making it all about race as "race-baiters".

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It probably seems so clear that's not you when I phrase it like that, but obviously not or I wouldn't be making this subpost.

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@chimerror It's such a mess, it's amazing we manage to communicate at all.

@chimerror this robot kneecaps everyone with blonde hair

the robot never kneecapped me, so i'm feeling pretty positive about it. blonde people must secretly deserve to be kneecapped. you can tell because they're always wearing kneepads. what are they afraid of

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