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I have two fursonas:

1. Chimmy E. Error aka Chimerror: Panther disaster herbo gamer jock but she cleans up real nice. sometimes

2. Ada Gates: A nerdy technomage rat who can alter reality through code. She also likes kissing Chimmy a lot. :3 And being a gremlin >:3

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I'm stripping down my projects so here's what I'm going to be working on for the next month:

Quoll: A reality-altering programming text adventure rathole. Featuring my rat sona, Ada!

VR Avatar of Chimmy!

Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Run!

All other projects are considered dead. F

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you know what, I've never done an

I'm Chimerror, a game dev from Seattle making all sorts of dumb furry games. I sometimes stream playing games too!

got myself with my massage cane and it really helped too

though cuddles would also be nice...

head hurts less, so I might try to get up and do things

quoll work is the priority

selfie, ec 

Have a very blurry webcam selfie because I had taken a picture to try out the glasses I ordered. I can't wait to show them off, but I also figure, let me show off a nice clean shave.

Feeling better after a shower and shave, and ordering some glasses. Basically, astigmatism bites, even at the very slight level I have.

racism, colorism, blackness, mh (---) 

I'm being more open than normal because I feel I'm at my wit's end at this and I can't even use those unearned privileges for the benefit of others

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racism, colorism, blackness, mh (---) 

it's like given this gulf of the higher needs on maslow's hierarchy I lose all desire to take care of the lower ones

if I'm doomed to be a gray pawn on a board of black and white, just go ahead and put me back in the box

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racism, colorism, blackness 

I'm pretty emotional right now I guess

nothing but constant imposter syndrome

and it feels like it's not at all worth shedding a tear for me, the system worked well enough for me except for how it's cleaved me away from everyone else

but we're all just disposable machines for them aren't we

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racism, colorism, blackness 

I hate colorism. It makes me hate my skin. Not because it's dark. but because it's light. which means that any amount of praise and good luck for me may just be because white people hate blackness so much.

I don't have any close black friends that aren't family, and that doesn't really count in my mind. And I don't know how to find some because even among nerdy black people I feel like a stranger to their concerns.

I feel like I don't have a race, I'm just invisible

snake girl spends three or four.months of the year sleeping under 20 blankets, waking only in the sense that they sleepwalk to the bathroom, the kitchen for some water, and then sssslithering back under the blankets every few weeks.

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buying a space heater so my snake gf can wake up for christmas/new years and then go right back to sleep till april

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anyway, I should do my daily BuJo migration. it's only... 17 in the afternoon...

ultimately the real problem is that everytime I went to the website it'd have me log in again maybe it got fixed?

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programmers talk a lot of shit for a group of people near-universally awful at even their own jobs

I guess the garages almost won a blaseball so time to fairweather fan my way back

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