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there was a fursona pronunciation meme so

kaɪmɪər = chimerror
kɪmiː = Chimmy

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I have two fursonas:

1. Chimmy E. Error aka Chimerror: Panther disaster herbo gamer jock but she cleans up real nice. sometimes

2. Ada Gates: A nerdy technomage rat who can alter reality through code. She also likes kissing Chimmy a lot. :3 And being a gremlin >:3

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I'm stripping down my projects so here's what I'm going to be working on for the next month:

Quoll: A reality-altering programming text adventure rathole. Featuring my rat sona, Ada!

VR Avatar of Chimmy!

Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Run!

All other projects are considered dead. F

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you know what, I've never done an

I'm Chimerror, a game dev from Seattle making all sorts of dumb furry games. I sometimes stream playing games too!

I think the other thing that I need to remember about doomscrolling is that rather than it actually giving me dopamine anymore, it is just cortisol. Just doing this little bit really brightened my mood, so I guess since I was stuck in training today, I didn't get work dopamine.

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Already jumping on editing the next nuzlocke run video. I started with about 40 minutes and got it down to 33!

Still about two times more than I want, though...

I'm like just having a block recently on cooking even when it would be significantly faster

Quoll thoughts, work 

we basically had anti-bias training and dang now I'm questioning certain decisions about the characters in my game and how I divided up my life between them


sad thoughts, covid, asthma 

like spending my childhood having panic over every little wheeze and feeling the effects of oxygen deprivation because I lost my inhaler was fucking bad y'all

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sad thoughts, covid 

in less happy thoughts: I have wanted to get back into a more active body for a few reasons but with Covid still just running wild, another reason is that I may just have to be the asthmatic leading those with long covid

dang I had to let my roommate's car out and I brushed my car along someone's bumper 😔

I left a note but their car was pretty beat up in general so hopefully it's not a thing

(also took pictures, in case they decide they want to try to make it worse)

me: I need to grab a top to wear

brain: how about this furry con shirt?

me: I can't wear that; it's a work day

brain: oh no, worried they'll figure out you're a furry? you did such a good job throwing them off your trail by making your work avatar *your fursona*...

me: fair.

[to the GI Joe theme] You're a crow!
A real feathery hero
we know crows are cool

ok not feeling enough to fully finish but I guess I'd rather have shaved tomorrow morning when I need to be in class

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ok remember how I mentioned doing basic self care

I'm going to finally do that now

I did get the chance to give the Barstool Sports cheese steak assholes a one star

only time I ever do that

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ordered some food from a burger place I've not tried yet

I'm feeling a bit better after a good nap

I think in addition to losing at mahjong, I was angry at myself for getting distracted from my plan for the day, having a pretty bad headache, and hungry

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