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there was a fursona pronunciation meme so

kaɪmɪər = chimerror
kɪmiː = Chimmy

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I have two fursonas:

1. Chimmy E. Error aka Chimerror: Panther disaster herbo gamer jock but she cleans up real nice. sometimes

2. Ada Gates: A nerdy technomage rat who can alter reality through code. She also likes kissing Chimmy a lot. :3 And being a gremlin >:3

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I'm stripping down my projects so here's what I'm going to be working on for the next month:

Quoll: A reality-altering programming text adventure rathole. Featuring my rat sona, Ada!

VR Avatar of Chimmy!

Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Run!

All other projects are considered dead. F

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you know what, I've never done an

I'm Chimerror, a game dev from Seattle making all sorts of dumb furry games. I sometimes stream playing games too!

oh no, I just realized that this will affect every time Ada implicitly greets or converses with someone, possibly changing the RNG pulls

this might break my tests

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It's not _too_ hard, but it's still annoying!

I'm really considering making my own fork of this conversation system at this point... it's a bit too much overengineered imo.

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it's not as easy as I thought. Basically, the issue is that I just typed "HI" so Ada just says hi to a random person in the room, which includes grues.

To fix it, I need to replace a rule with my own grue aware rule.

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omg ada decided that talking to the grue is more important than talking to glitch

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aw dang, my code changes added an RNG pull so I need to fix my tests...

I hope it's not hard to hit that 1/36 chance variant again...

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two of the descriptions will be made by "present" Ada who is aware she is supposed to be a human, and I'm looking forward to those because she's essentially going to feel obligated to explain what an anthropomorphic animal is to the player

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wrapped up a few more tests for this final bit of this tutorial/exercise in Quoll

after that I'm actually going to go tackle the several additional self-descriptions Ada will use.

the real fun is that she can be 14 different species based on how things are set up so

y'all the Utena soundtrack has been stuck in my head all fucking day

(it's good)

I ended up staying a bit late since zoom was being a jerk but I can now nap

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the way I'm going to be kitty first is to nap

30 more minutes

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so now I'm just sitting here for another hour and I guess I should grade like my other instructor is doing but I'm tired and dingus

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I got through the rough week, this is the full moon week so I'm snuggly

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I just downloaded a four hundred page thesis on silicon valley's long ties with eugenics in seeking the perfection of humans

much better use of my time

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