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there was a fursona pronunciation meme so

kaɪmɪər = chimerror
kɪmiː = Chimmy

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I have two fursonas:

1. Chimmy E. Error aka Chimerror: Panther disaster herbo gamer jock but she cleans up real nice. sometimes

2. Ada Gates: A nerdy technomage rat who can alter reality through code. She also likes kissing Chimmy a lot. :3 And being a gremlin >:3

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I'm stripping down my projects so here's what I'm going to be working on for the next month:

Quoll: A reality-altering programming text adventure rathole. Featuring my rat sona, Ada!

VR Avatar of Chimmy!

Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Run!

All other projects are considered dead. F

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you know what, I've never done an

I'm Chimerror, a game dev from Seattle making all sorts of dumb furry games. I sometimes stream playing games too!

I got it better but now I've noticed that I somehow desynchronized my audio and video :(

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oh no, davinci resolve actually fixed their UI scaling and now it's too big

Just a quick one game stream but it was good information and I recorded it so maybe edited version soon?

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OK, I'm going live to analyze this Mahjong game that I took an early lead in only to fritter away by bad defense:

I'm going to rush and eat and try to be live by 19:45, so in 30 minutes

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I've been not streaming and I'm thinking I may do that tonight

I was thinking of analyzing some of my old mahjong games, talking about strategy and my various failures

maybe even playing a game and then immediately analyzing afterwards...

then NFTs come in and libertarians want to act like their proofs of ownership are inherently meaningful, not realizing that: just as workers do not honor owners' sacred property rights by not simply seizing the means of production but instead acknowledge the coercive power of the state, internet platforms do not honor copyright holders' sacred property rights but instead manage the risk of expensive litigation.

and NFT-holders pose no meaningful threat of expensive litigation.

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in the us, the digital millennium copyright act did not make it illegal to share copyrighted works digitally without the copyright holder's permission. that was already illegal.

what it did was make those claims enforceable by shifting liability for such sharing from the uploaders to the operators of internet sites. this essentially obliged those operators to act as copyright police, at least on behalf of any copyright holder large enough to reasonably take them to court.

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the owner of a piece of land or a factory, for example, does not need to personally evict persons who come to use that land or factory without his authorization, nor does he need to personally finance their removal. the state provides police, who will employ violence on his behalf, while being funded by taxes collected from the public at large

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NFTs actually do a great job of demonstrating something that libertarians in general fail to comprehend, that property is not only a socially agreed upon idea, but it is a social institution that needs a state apparatus to exist.

it's like "no, we can't actually do good things or put good people in charge, but we can find some bad people who tick off identity boxes!"

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this is all the liberals got

it's worth noting that that rapist former mayor, Ed Murray, was a liberal identity politics point of pride as the first gay mayor.

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I was trying to remember all the recent mayors of Seattle and I got treated to the latest news being flogged by the establishment: To criticize Harrell for defending a rapist (and former mayor) is racist

Airport Musings:

In a world of furries, there's probably a doctor specifically for tails. It would probably be a branch of study close to doctors of the spine. A Doctor for caudal appendages. A Caudiologist if you will.


No I will not apologize for that pun.

me ragging on astrology people on twitter 

"why don't men like astrology? it must be because they're dumb smelly bad people who have never introspected at all in their lives, unlike us women, who are pure individuals in sync with mother nature and blessed"

love that Gender Essentialism But Woke This Time

I really want to play in slow motion since it's a digital table and I think that'd improve my responses

sadly does not seem to be a feature

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Ppl really think their mind is a secure Palace of Solitude, when in reality we are fundamentally social beings

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