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OMG, I am super happy being here at Beach City now. OMG

nsfw nude art! 

Here's a couple pics of @maxine that I did a few years ago that I still like! Maxine's design has changed a bit since this tho.

horny shitpost 

oh my would you look at the time??? it's a quarter to "femmes sit on my face" o'clock!

Are you a ✨ girl ✨ ??
Can we kiss for ✨ 30 minutes ✨ ??

Ew when someone does a twitter-style "follow people in the hopes that they'll follow me back and interact with my brand" follow on mastodon I block right away. feels gross yo

V Oral Friday! (nsfw) 

not nearly enough vaginas get eaten in drawings?? Here's a lil series I did a while ago.

So the real tragedy of losing my iPod pen is that’s how I was drawing smut! So I haven’t been able to get anything new done. Sorry!

Legs and some panties pic mild nsfw 

It’s leg Tuesday! That’s a thing right?

re: Lewd thoughts 

Stroking balls in panties is really nice?? Also it’s kinda strange but I like how certain panties don’t quite...cover everything? Often there’s ball leak, and I want someone to take advantage of that?? Anyway, please consider girl balls.

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Lewd thoughts 

Hey can someone come over and idly play with my girl junk while I fall asleep?? i want horny, strained dreams. Also I want to be gently molested....

sick subby lewd 

when i'm sick i get reallll subby for someone to come and take care of me in a lot of different ways while i'm weak and mewling

Further horny 

If you’re a trans girl or femme nb come sit on my face tbh??? 💦 💦

Horny thoughts 

I really want to have sex with another trans person at some point. I want to play with another girldick?? I want to play with someone’s new pussy??

thistday hunny drawing nsfw 

it's thirstday! Have i posted this yet? It's....pretty thirsty..... 💦 💦

oh no moms 

oh no i technically AM a mom??? someone called Cee a mom and they're not wrong???

it's time to just own up to a kink 

(i hate how cliched this is because this is clearly compensating for my own terrible relationship with my own mother BUT)

i'm totally into the mom kink. like if someone is motherly to me i'm DONE. ✨ Donnnnnne. ✨ I'll just naturally go really submissive and tell them naughty things without realizing it cuz i'm just....weak. so weak for moms.

aftermath hunny tauren sex drawing LEWD (nsfw!) 

omg i had this drawn too and just have it rn. taurens make me blush and i love them a lot??

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hunny tauren sex drawing (nsfw!) 

yeah i have a thing for taurens so what??

Bathtime rl nude pics 

I can't help but keep taking pictures. Having a bath right now. Sent this to @caribee and she replied with "Holy fuck" so I think that's good!

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