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i told the story a couple times on here, but i just realized that i haven't had my lifelong recurring nightmare since i lucid dreamed and reversed the roles of me and the ghost about a year ago

very lewd dream 


it's a blessing and a curse. I vanquished a life long nightmare about a year ago with facts and logic lmao


lol i love it though. i'm a fan of more mirrors around the house

i regret/am pleased to report that the metal hooks are under too much stress for this to be a real thing. this was a bad idea, absolute pervert shit

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very lewd dream 

so i randomly had this dream where some manic pixie dream girl type (probably Zara Larsson) wanted to have sex with me, but what she wanted to do was share a 5 foot long double sided tentacle dildo that was like 5 inches thick in the middle. so i just remember being naked and backing all the way up to her ass, and the dream started to break down when i started questioning how it was possible to fit that thing in me lol

i have been sleeping through my alarm the whole last week and a half simply because i started exercising even a little



democrats will do anything not to have to do anything. fuckin play hard ball. pack the court. shrink the court! try whatever and see what sticks. you can't ask the side hungry for power to step down and expect them to comply lmao. fuck

I am calm and normal. I am good at life tasks and being a drone for capital. I will obtain Picket Fence

i miss disco, and it's good that it had a small resurgence recently in pop

oh fun, i remembered my greatest shame of all time: choking at the 7th grade spelling bee so hard i spelled a completely different word than was told to me. i could have won, man

@Thomas @bees @kara @swiff

consider: chinchillas and raccoons are types of rats, and that's a good thing

Selfie ec 

Moved the selfie mirror out of the baby's room. This is much better for lighting anyway


@swirlz 💜 it's ok to grieve in your own way. there are no rules for it

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