Selfie ec 

Moved the selfie mirror out of the baby's room. This is much better for lighting anyway

Food, breakfast of champions 

Going millennial mode on some avocado toast. Small seedy bread, small avocado, halves fanned with some black pepper, garlic salt, and local habanero sauce

this new rubiks cube uses opposing magnets instead of springs to give the pieces flexibility. i already have this cube with the springs, but it's really tempting to get the new one lol

Pet death, memorial, eye contact 

I don't want to bring down the timeline, but thanks to everyone who reached out. Adonis (Donny) is off to cremation now. We're going to get a ceramic print of his paw, and we're putting together an album so we can order a photobook.

We have asked him to watch over our coming baby Liam, just like he was going to in life. He was a fucking great cat. A solid hunter, and the best snuggler. Rest in peace, big guy.

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Anybody else immediately sort your cat food so it cycles through the flavors as you grab one from the top of the pile?

When you try to take pregnancy announcement photos and the ocean comes in too fast 😅

jeans with the ankles joined are topologically identical to jeans without the ankles joined

look at this bald ass queen building a damn sand castle in 20 minutes. brody is still in the background in his hole he dug. mine won the best overall construction award (decided by my parents).

my sister's was a gladiator coliseum, which won the best story award

cw nonbinary presenting nipples lol

this pun nearly killed me. spoiler explanation in image description

Brody freaking loves the beach. when we started digging to make sand castles, he dug a huge hole until the sand was cool and wet and he laid down in it for like 2 hours. king

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