you ever think about how the word "movie" is a childish and adorable name for the new medium of moving pictures and it stuck for 100 years?

@baronnarcveldt and we're sixteen years away from the hundredth birthday of the similarly childish and adorable "walkie talkie"'s invention

@djsundog @baronnarcveldt Talkies ruined movies. Imagine modern film tech, with just soundtrack and cue cards. It'd be lovely.

@vortex_egg @djsundog @baronnarcveldt at least we're not calling it the Information Superhighway anymore

Man, that was dumb 😂

@zalasur @vortex_egg @djsundog

yeah, superhighway is incorrect. i surf the gnarly waves of the net

@zalasur @vortex_egg @djsundog @baronnarcveldt imagine if we as a civilization had been stuck for multiple generations with the subliminal framing of internet as public infrastructure though...

@carcinopithecus @zalasur @djsundog @baronnarcveldt Given the role that Tim O’Reilly had in explicitly acting as an “propagandist” for the commercialization of the Internet and computing (open source, web 2.0), now I wonder if this was intentional...

@carcinopithecus @zalasur @djsundog @baronnarcveldt

“O'Reilly has worked as an activist for a number of causes[16] and prides himself on his company's "long history of advocacy, meme-making, and evangelism."[17] As a strategy of persuasion, he has evolved a technique of "meme engineering," which seeks to modify the terminology that people use.[5][18]”

@djsundog @baronnarcveldt I wish "talkie" had replaced "movie" upon the invention of talking moving pictures. I wanna go see a new talkie

@baronnarcveldt YES ALL THE TIME OH MY GOSH

honestly "tee-vee" isn't all that much more refined

@chimerror @baronnarcveldt i think they're both wonderful! they're cute

i'm sure we'd still call them 'talkies' if there was a relevant reason to keep clarifying it

@baronnarcveldt I love it and wish we were more permissive about this kind of thing in English. Instead we have a ton of dipsticks angrily yelling at people for making up new slang. 😩


there were angry dipshits arguing at the time in local newspaper letters to the editor about every single new word. the internet just made it faster lol

@baronnarcveldt this is why i like calling them “movies” better than “films”. it’s silly and fun.

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