i really want to meet so many of you and have you over for dinner one day

@baronnarcveldt also I will not sit next to @Thomas because I am pretty sure he is the type of person to sneak food off of your plate when you are not looking.

@djsundog @Thomas

we have indoor and outdoor seating to keep you two separate 😈 . we'll do a rotation where i have a dinner party every day for like 3 months straight

@djsundog @baronnarcveldt actually I’m the type of person who gets pissed off when people touch my food so you’re good, would not mess with you

@djsundog @baronnarcveldt I once got very stern with the best friend of #MyWife when she reached across a table and took a bite of mashed potatoes. It was a small scene

@baronnarcveldt I am an excellent dinner guest until my wife explains how I put my foot in my mouth on the way home. so just expect like a couple guffaws


believe me, i won't even remember what you said over the sound of my wife telling me how i put my foot in my mouth lol. i'm terrified to start talking to people in person, and then in like an hour i get immediately into oversharing territory. it's fun

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