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but Crystal, isn't the normal girl name already referring to the object?

well yes, but they typically take it to mean diamonds or rubies or whatever. i'm named after those and also basalt columns, galvanized steel, and pyrite cubes

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princess cinderella: when i sing, the birds and critters of nature come to me and help me with my day

me: when i hum the right note, the moss from the giant sequoia rapidly grows over my body, consuming me and merging our consciousnesses

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the best thing about solving rubiks cubes is the rubiks cubes don't perceive my gender or reflect it back at me

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introduction post, selfies, ec 

Hi, I'm Crystal. I'm an enby chick who lives in the PNW. I am a wife guy, a communist, a Carly Rae Jepsen stan, and a rubiks cube speedsolver. I have a big old fluffy dog, and two cats whomst get all the cuddles. uh, guess I'm 30 now, and I've been on mastodon for like 2.5 years (august 2018 influx)

system of a down taught me polyrhythms by making me sing "BAnana baNAna banaNA BAnana terra cotta" over and over

this post makes it seem like I just came across this topic, but I've been using "theirself" for a long time. Probably since I was a kid because it's a natural thing to assume exists

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the vending machines are broken at work and daddy needs their tiny bag of freaking fritos dangit

themselves vs theirself 

so the current english language usage of "themselves" fully recognizes the word in its place when referring to a singular unknown or nonbinary person, but it also recognizes "theirself" as a nonstandard form made chiefly as a mistake.

Does anybody use "theirself" commonly? It seems natural enough to me, I could see it becoming fully recognized as an alternate or primary form in a singular context. what do people think?

having fun learning about my new product line. I had no idea that scrap shredders literally grate a whole car into confetti like a cheese grater. then they run a magnet to pull out the steel, and an eddy current that whips the aluminum and copper into separate piles

I was just going to let Veritasium go into the dustbin, but then Tom Nicholas did a take down video of them and got responded to and I just can't let it go.

How do you go from making videos where you're so passionate to show the world how you can delay water freezing in a water bottle, to going out of your way to do propaganda for Bill Gates and Waymo? I feel like he's Evil Bill Nye

Oh you're Paul, duke of the house Atreides? Well I'm the Duke of Atreideez nuts!

I guess I can play Stardew valley until the switch battery dies and then fuckin take a nap

Well, my power is out. There goes my chores and entertainment and warm dinner lol

Bing: is the catalina wine mixer from step brothers real?

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