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Hi, I'm Crystal. I'm an enby chick who lives in the PNW. I am a wife guy, a communist, a Carly Rae Jepsen stan, and a rubiks cube speedsolver. I have a big old fluffy dog, and two cats whomst get all the cuddles. uh, guess I'm 30 now, and I've been on mastodon for like 2.5 years (august 2018 influx)

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Hi y'all, plz follow me here if we're mufos and you haven't yet. it's going to be my main by the end of the year <3

a boost or two would be much appreciated if you don't mind uwu

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This package of frozen orange chicken came with air fryer instructions and I'm absolutely here for it

I'm not an "x on the driver's license" nonbinary.
I'm a "remove gender from any documentation that doesn't need it" nonbinary.

lmfao, this product review for a clear protein drink: good product, i got it for "prepping". which, if you're under 50, no i don't mean stocking a cabin in the woods with food


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i can't begin to stress how much enby gender euphoria i'm feeling right now (the last few weeks)

probably fuck the movie mrs doubtfire i haven't watched it since the 90s but well idk what i expected exactly when i started transition but one thing was for a harvey fierstein type to lead me by the hand and give me a makeover montage and to be honest i'm still disappointed

I want to be the fediverse's best and most prolific poster without having to make any posts

I reject dystopias and utopias. Catch me in a regular topia

rubiks cubes 

not a lot of good analysis for 8x8 theory on youtube

whipping myself up into a frenzy about how the supreme court case that says flag burning is protected speech implies the guy was breaking a law against flag burning. i'm honestly going to punch a wall at this realization

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I know it's butch thursday, so let me just say to the butches:

Funko Pops fill me with complete and abject revulsion. Insidious and despicable little trinkets. The type of person who would buy one is fundamentally unknowable to me. To gaze into their eyes would be to gaze into the void.

as long as i can remember, there have been video games and movies about the catharsis of quitting an office job, sometimes violently. and yet nothing ever changes

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