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seems like a good time to update my spreadsheet that tracks my rubiks cube solve times (alt text for explanations of graphs

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but Crystal, isn't the normal girl name already referring to the object?

well yes, but they typically take it to mean diamonds or rubies or whatever. i'm named after those and also basalt columns, galvanized steel, and pyrite cubes

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princess cinderella: when i sing, the birds and critters of nature come to me and help me with my day

me: when i hum the right note, the moss from the giant sequoia rapidly grows over my body, consuming me and merging our consciousnesses

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the best thing about solving rubiks cubes is the rubiks cubes don't perceive my gender or reflect it back at me

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Twice in one day I've gotten the "if you're non-binary, can I still call you dude/bro/man?" 😅

got the fucking joooooooob!! I even pushed back on the salary and they accepted my counter offer. Huge huge huge relief after being laid off. I can relax now

Mulder accuses a soldier of being an alien. Smoking Man just, you know, smokes a bunch.

no shade to anyone's difficult life journey, but it actually makes me feel like shit when someone says something like "it's never too late to transition. I started when I was 26 and look at me now at 28!"

I've got this weird bias where I feel like the concept of having a King is even more antiquated than having a Queen lol

weird energy today. I'm in limbo about a job offer, but I think I'm getting it today. I'm on a liquid diet for a medical thing tomorrow. and the queen is maybe dying. I'm here for it

bbc is reporting that the queen is swaying back and forth, and that text reading "Finish Her" has appeared above her head

The queen is currently doing that thing where a foe is stunned, lying on the ground exposing their weak spot, but no one has yet made the coup de grâce

@Louisa it always kills me when you guys say your catchphrases at the end of the podcast like Pokemon trainers starting a battle lmao

it literally makes me feel complete pride when I hear my baby babble a new syllable for the first time. Every microscopic bit of proof that he's growing and mastering life on earth just fills me up and I almost have to cry

well shit, that recruiter call was a waste, and I've been planning on it for days

My newest EP, Where Rivers Meet, will be releasing this Friday on bandcamp! These three songs are among the best I've ever recorded, and I am very excited to share it with you all.
Huge thank you to @toroidal for working with me on the album art.

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