Listen, I'm the kind of woman who has no problem with a Little Women/Birds of Prey double-feature, and also no problem with a 1917/Parasite double-feature.

This Valentine's Day, take the people you adore to Birds of Prey, which is kinda gay, pretty enjoyable, and playing to very small audiences due to institutional misogyny and poor marketing, thus affording you the privacy to make out as desired!

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reverse Monster Hunter where we play as monsters and we attack hunters to protect the environment.

instead of getting better weapons from their skin, we get an improved ecosystem (more animals&plants&clear water etc.) and that makes us stronger. that's the grind, instead of bigger armour you watch your forest flourish more and more. this also attracts worse hunters, creating the difficulty curve.

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"In The Vanishers' Palace" by Aliette de Bodard is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast where the Beast is a dragon and Beauty is a scholar she keeps to teach her children. Set in a sort of post-apocalyptic world based on Vietnamese/Chinese mythology, I like the way the romance values agency. Full of non-binary characters, and it is written as if translated from a language with more (and more flexible) gender structure than English.

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Do you or someone you love knit? I'm part of an alpaca ranch that produces yarn! (And cute calendars)

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@elilla Tamora Pierce! Most of her books are female-centric but the Circle of Magic series has a boy MC (there are 4 MCs and each book has a different POV) who is a former street kid, plant mage, and generally a ray of sunshine. The earlier books are meant for younger readers, so if a kid is reading them, it’s possible to “grow up” with the series like I did

9:15 in the evening and at last I'm home, but never fear, I only worked ten hours without measurable progress.

cooking, isolation, depression, defiance, (~) 

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Positive affirmations for safewording 

She would rather be forgotten than be misrepresented in their narrative.

finances, delusions, capitalism 

finances, delusions, capitalism 

To this day I remember the manifold kindnesses of that friend and hope they're happy. Little gestures, like that, which shaped me.

I think they never knew, and will never know, how much I appreciate them. We were young and we were drowning, and when we came up for air we seldom had the breath to speak.

Loss, without rhyme or intention, is not an uncommon experience in growing up. We should learn from it. Express your love soon and often, let those you value know how you value them. (2/2)

I originally played Pocket Monsters in monochrome by the grace of a now distant but always adored friend who provided me with a 3.5" disk that contained a DOS compatible (16-bit) executable which opened a partially translated ROM, and supported save states. My intro to emulation!

I went on to buy Red, Blue, Yellow and later iterations but never did as much in those as I did in my first copy, whose colour I cannot now recall. I know I wanted Green, which never came to the states. (1/2)

Detect Gender is a divination cantrip that only requires a verbal or material component, where you have a language in common, and you ask someone what their gender is.

They don't have to answer.

Apparently the new Dungeons and Dragons movie will include a canonical gold dragon who guards a village and passes themselves off as a mortal in the Forgotten Realms, so I guess I'll have to go with my better idea for that one adventure.

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Heat mantled in her cheeks as she spoke, soft and low slung. "I am not how you would have me."

"You are doubly mistaken, for you are how I will now have you." Her sincerity was, mercifully, unmistakable.

I often feel that I have done little, because little that I have done is what I wished to do.

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flight, travel 

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