Together, @violetSpark and @pandora_parrot have made some revisions to the Beach City CW policy. You can find the updated policy here:

The short version of the changes are these:
- Stated that CW choices are mostly between you and your audience
- Clarified that asking people to CW something is okay. Demanding it or harassing folks is not.
- Removed recommendation to CW bigotry and politics as this is between you and your audience.

Please contact us with feedback!

Normally we would wait another week before putting up our mascot in celebration of Juneteenth (June 19), but given recent events, Beach City will put this up a little earlier as a token of support for folks involved in the BLM protests going on right now.

Artwork by

On this May 5, the Netherlands celebrate Liberation Day. This day commemorates the end of the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands!

Our Dutch/Dutch adjacent users requested this mascot, so here it is! Another by @Feverdreamless !

Sorry for the delay on posting this one, but wanted to share this other image for May Day (May 1st) that @Feverdreamless created for us! It shows Fuschia dancing around a May pole!

Today's mascot was requested by our very own real life Jedi @ZenMondo and created by @Feverdreamless ! It shows our mascot, Fuchsia, cosplaying Rey from the new Star Wars series!

May the Fourth be with you!

Wow! Two different mascots in two day’s!

Today’s mascot is brought to you by and features a celebration of... *checks notes* grass and snacks??

Whatever it is, have a good April 20!

What's this?! Did Fuchsia transform into a human being?! Whatever happened, I'm sure it's just here for April 1!

Just our little celebration of April Fool's Day. Thanks @Feverdreamless once again for the amazing mascot art!

It's 3 days early, but we could use some brightness in our lives! Happy Spring! Introducing this season's mascot! Spring Fuchsia Agate! by @Critter !


It’s March 14! Happy pi day!

Today’s mascot brought to you by the ever amazing @Feverdreamless again!

Tomorrow is March 10.



To celebrate this silly "holiday" we have a special version of our mascot for today! This'll be our mascot for the next two days!

Happy mushroom hunting. :P

And thanks to @Feverdreamless for the art!

I really need to automate these at some point. I missed doing it during the actual New Year's holiday, but it's STILL the new year so

Fuchsia celebrates the New Year! Happy New Year from Beach City!

Thanks to @Feverdreamless for another great version of our mascot!

Changing 3 days early so I don't forget due to being busy

Fuscia is all dressed up for warmth as winter officially starts on December 21! Thank you @pexl for creating this amazing version of our mascot!!!!!!


For the next 48 hours, in honor of the Transgender Day of Remembrance, Fuchsia waves the trans banner in memory of those we've lost.

We have temporarily disabled the relay because it is causing spamminess. We are investigating the issue and will re-enable it once we stop seeing the spammy boosts all over the place.


In celebration, Beach City's mascot is dressing up until November! Thank you @extinct for doing this commission!

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