What's this?! Did Fuchsia transform into a human being?! Whatever happened, I'm sure it's just here for April 1!

Just our little celebration of April Fool's Day. Thanks @Feverdreamless once again for the amazing mascot art!

It's 3 days early, but we could use some brightness in our lives! Happy Spring! Introducing this season's mascot! Spring Fuchsia Agate! by @Critter !


It’s March 14! Happy pi day!

Today’s mascot brought to you by the ever amazing @Feverdreamless again!

Tomorrow is March 10.



To celebrate this silly "holiday" we have a special version of our mascot for today! This'll be our mascot for the next two days!

Happy mushroom hunting. :P

And thanks to @Feverdreamless for the art!

I really need to automate these at some point. I missed doing it during the actual New Year's holiday, but it's STILL the new year so

Fuchsia celebrates the New Year! Happy New Year from Beach City!

Thanks to @Feverdreamless for another great version of our mascot!

Changing 3 days early so I don't forget due to being busy

Fuscia is all dressed up for warmth as winter officially starts on December 21! Thank you @pexl for creating this amazing version of our mascot!!!!!!


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In celebration, Beach City's mascot is dressing up until November! Thank you @extinct for doing this commission!

As mentioned, we're doing a *DIFFERENT* mascot image for this week! This one comes from @Crowley in celebration of International Week of the Deaf!


In this mascot image, Fuchsia is hanging out with her Deaf friend Larimar!

He's a bovine and uses they/them and he/him pronouns!

Fall Fuchsia will be back next week!

We will be changing the mascot for the next week to a *different* mascot in celebration of International Deaf Week, but Fall Fuschia will be coming back after that! I just wanted to get at least one day of her in before switching to a more specific holiday/event mascot!

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Tomorrow is the official first day of Autumn, and Fuschia is ready to play in the falling leaves and enjoy the changing colors of the year! This will be our primary mascot image for the rest of the season!

Thanks to @Feverdreamless for drawing this fantastic version of our mascot!

In 1 week, Beach city will be 1 year old! For the next couple weeks, our mascot will be celebrating their birthday! Thank you to @Critter for doing this version of our mascot!

What's your favorite Beach City moments over the past year? What would you love to see in the coming year?

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Beach City is our private beach-side sanctuary for close friends and awesome folks. We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.