Anyone got any ace romance stories they can recommend? The ones I've read seem... much more sensible (familiar? comprehensible? not sure the right adjective) than the more conventional romances I read.

Already enjoyed (and recommended!) are Books and Bone by Victoria Corva, Our Bloody Pearl by D. N. Bryn, and a couple of the Toronto Connections stories by Cass Lennox.

@anne it occurs to me that there is an ace romantic subplot in the Murderbot Diaries series but it's veeeery slowburn and very subplot and doesn't exist in book 1. Obviously I adore everything about those books and that romance but just to mediate expectations.

Murderbot spoilers 

@vicorva Murderbot is great! And it's space opera in the modern style, where we know it's the future because poly families and unusual genders are normal. And Murderbot is definitely, emphatically, ace.

But I'm not sure - if you mean the relationship between Murderbot and ART - which Murderbot is appalled to hear called a relationship - I don't really know whether to call it romantic?

Murderbot spoilers 

I guess this is why I want to see this in fiction - I'm not used to thinking about this kind of relationship.

We all have a thousand templates for the Hollywood straight romantic relationship, and even some non-straight versions, but I don't have many fictional (or real) examples of ace relationships to use as reference points.

Murderbot spoilers 

@anne I do mean the relationship between Murderbot and ART! It seemed very clear to me that Murderbot's journey was about accepting that they loved ART, ending with them choosing to spend their life with them. Like most things new to Murderbot, they instantly rejected the idea (not least because ART is so annoying) much like they struggled with making friends, caring about people, Mykki, and even showing their face. Mensah's daughter kinda counselled them through it.

Murderbot spoilers 

@anne Obviously not as clear as I thought! 😅 But I was genuinely moved by that romance, as light a touch as it was. I was gabbling excitedly to Joh about it pretty much through the whole book and felt the seeds were planted way back when Murderbot first met ART.


Murderbot spoilers 

@vicorva I mean I think I agree with you in a lot of ways - that the relationship between Murderbot and ART is intense, emotional, and lasting; that it began to grow in the second book and developed; that Murderbot does not deal with the initial realization well; and that Mensah's daughter helped both of them sort it out. It just had not occurred to me to describe the relationship as romantic. And I think that's because I don't really have a good definition of romance.

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