bunch of trans academics: you could have been using your chosen name all along
me: WHAT
trans academics: yeah your CV and journal titles aren't legal documents
me: WHAT

so trans academics who aren't aware of this, you can use your chosen name everywhere

@Cyborgneticz confirming this. I can’t change my legal name yet due to immigration status. I’ve been to half a dozen conferences under my chosen name, I’m publishing a peer-reviewed article, nobody asked me to check my passport even once.

also you can list your old stuff in your CV with your new name (using ORCID may help). in my experience nobody questions it, but if they do, you can just explain the situation. it’s not forbidden.


@melissaboiko @Cyborgneticz my first paper is under my deadname. I haven't tried to get it updated on the indexing sites let alone the journal, but I think such things may be possible sometimes. (I'm okay with being that out, and my deadname is still on my passport anyway.)

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