Welcome to mastodon everyone! I love seeing all this art posted. But we do have some folks on here who don't see well, and they really appreciate it if you add a description to your images. Just briefly what you're showing people, so that they have some idea what they're looking for.

I know sometimes it seems like too much work, and if you can't you can't. But it does make your work accessible to more people, not least because more of us will boost it.

If you find adding a description too difficult - I know folks have all sorts of disabilities - perhaps consider adding a description that is just "." or "-" as a sort of apology to the folks who need image descriptions? To signal that it's not that you don't care but that you aren't able?

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I can't speak for other fediverse software, but on Mastodon there's an easy interface for adding alternate image text when you post images. Unfortunately, I don't see a similar option when adding images to a response to another discussion thread.

Maybe it's there and I just don't understand it.

@mike In the mastodon web client (I don't know about pleroma) you should be able to click on an image while composing the toot and add text to it.

@anne or maybe "help?" so that someone else can pop up and do it in-thread?

@anne that reminds me of something i've wanted for a while...

is there any hope of masto having an option where it doesn't let you hit "toot" if there's an image with no description? it would help cut down on a lot of times where i just plain forget.

@carcinopithecus @anne Toot! (iOS app) has an option for requiring image descriptions.

Maybe there are other clients that have the feature?

@readsteven i only ever use the web, can't find such an option anywhere


Have you seen @PleaseCaption

Does the next-best thing to what you want by sending you a DM any time you post an uncaptioned image.

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