Climate collapse, Fermi paradox 

I wonder if it's possible that an artificial satellite orbiting Venus would have remained invisible to this day. If it has a small enough radar cross-section and stable orbit...

I wish I would know more astronomy.

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This could make an awesome AND terrifying science-fiction story.

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@uint8_t oh gosh we love this idea

one of the old ideas of scifi is that the sun is cooling down over time, and so Mars is the old dead world, Earth is the current one, and Venus is the infant to eventually take Earth's place.

and, welp, turns out that's backwards, the sun is *brightening* over time

but it would definitely be cool to see that trope reversed with nothing to do with the sun at all - now it's life that heats up planets.

Venus was then, Earth is now, Mars is next.


@diodelass @uint8_t I'm not sure there's any hope of Mars springing to life (alas) without intelligent intervention - there really isn't enough hydrogen to make oceans. This is a general problem throughout the inner solar system, where small bodies and high temperatures let water escape to space.

With intelligent intervention, well, we might learn to live in current Martian conditions, or we might drop comets on it for a (temporary but long) bunch of extra hydrogen.

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