Last night at sunset, I went flying just for the hell of it. I rarely do this and usually fly for purpose. While I was doing some practice for an upcoming flight I'm doing for Ingress this weekend, most of the flight was just me "goofing around". I got this lovely sunset picture though!

I'm off to an air show today. I'll be looking up with envy at those pilots zooming around!

Spitfires, Hurricanes, biplanes... maybe a modern military helicopter :-p but they did advertise "parking" for folks who could land on their grass strip.

My boyfriend loves air shows like that. Loves Spitfires particularly.

That war is family history - two of my uncles fought in it. So I've been reading about these planes since forever, but I've never seen one fly. Unless you count Tom Hardy.

And the biplanes! That's the duct-tape-and-baling-wire age of aviation! I'm looking forward to it.

@hollyamory @pandora_parrot
Planes indeed went zoom and whoosh, the wing walkers didn't fall off, and Spitfires are very impressive planes! Also holy crap the aerobatics - I mean loops and barrel rolls I expected, but, like, flat spins? Tumbling stalls? Flying sideways? The little I know about flying just makes those moves even more terrifying.

Pictures will follow, if any turned out (planes are hard! they keep, like, moving around!), after I get home.

I'm still struggling with the autofocus on my camera, I took an appalling number that didn't turn out. I mean, I got some good ones here, but flying birds aren't going to be so cooperative and I'd love to get some pictures of them. <sigh /> I know this isn't the right camera for that.

@pandora_parrot @hollyamory the air show was fun!

There's actually quite a lot of general aviation in the north of the Netherlands, small planes and gliders. And of course the warbirds mean something to the Dutch.

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