selfie, ec 

Also, score one for the solar panel: a lady on the street asked me where I'd got the solar panel on my bag. I explained the gadget and pointed her at Adafruit.

@jolek78 @anne

Same mood about Adafruit. My very first order had a Fred Rogers quote on the receipt and they earned a customer for life.

I know. They've got cool hardware toys - much cooler than my skills let me take advantage of - but I also really approve of some of the things they're doing.

Like, you can talk about STEM education for girls all you like, but they are building electronic tinkering tools that fit well into coded-feminine activities. Blurring that boundary between "boy stuff" and "girl stuff" benefits everyone.

@anne @jolek78

Indeed my Pocket I-Ching project was realized with both a screen from Adafruit, and code by Lady Ada/Limor Fried I admire them greatly.

@uint8_t it was a "crap I'm late for an appointment put on whatever" day, but fortunately I've winnowed my clothes several times so most of them are okay.

I love the jacket and wear it all the time, hoodie ditto, and the t-shirt I got when some critters from Madagascar came to visit Montreal. I like the giant-lizard-hanging-on look of it, though one colleague is afraid of lizards so I don't wear it to work.

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