A different view of the M87 black hole image.

I know posting a picture of the tactile black hole doesn't help its intended audience, but if you're interested in one please get in touch. Print-it-yourself files will come when the design is more final.

Prototype number two: added text for the benefit of sighted folks as well.

I gave a couple of these to the lady who wore the black hole dress at the press conference. She's going to use them as props in a grant presentation, and I hope she'll have some suggestions.

Okay she did suggest making it bigger so you could use it as a cup holder but I hope she'll have some *other* suggestions.

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Update on the tactile black hole image:

I have now made available the printable files for prototype number 2:
This will also be the location for future updates.

Details are there, but it should be possible to print the object on most plastic-extrusion 3D printers.

There are a number of other 3D-printable scientific visualizations (and other things) available from that same location.

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Er, it's a pen, albeit one I got on a tour of the building where Mitsubishi Heavy Industries builds rockets.

@anne Absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to have one for myself. I really hope you'll post print-it-yourself files soon, and I hope my 3D-printer-owning friends will print it for me!

Here are the files for a similar object I made, though not blind-accessible:

@anne Oooo. I love this! Yes, I would love to know when you’ve got it complete and I will gleefully print it for some kids I know. They aren’t blind, but I think this would help them nevertheless.

@KARiley40 I'm planning a version 2 with text for sighted people. (Sadly it's hard to combine the two, for technical reasons, though I'll try. No, wait, I think I can totally do that!)

In case I'm disorganized and forget who wanted them, they'll appear on my thingiverse page (which already has some cool science things):

@anne Hehehe!! I will keep an eye out for the finished design!

@anne When I see photos of 3D-printed objects, I sometimes try to rotate them with the mouse before I realize that photos can't do that. 😐

@anne Oooh, when the files are ready, I'll definitely want to print one!

@anne Got it printed up today! It's going into our permanent collection of 3D printed educational objects. Thanks!

That's fantastic! Please let me know if you get any interesting connects or suggestions!

@anne What exactly does the braille say? I want to make a card to go with the object for our collection.

It says the same thing as on the bottom of the two-color version:
EHT Collaboration
Combined 2017 data
Black hole in M87
Actual observations

(Incidentally you don't actually need a two-color printer to print the easier two-color version: using Slic3r PE you just add a filament change after the first two layers.)

@anne Great! And thanks!

We may try the filament change the next time we print. This one did come out a little rough because of some problems we're having. But everyone I've showed it to loves it!

This is so cool! Can I get the 3D files? 😁

@efz1005 The plan is to put them up on my thingiverse page once I've got past the earliest prototype or two:

@anne oh my can I buy this? This is such a forking cool project!

@anne that is super rad, is the stl available?

@Brian Indeed! There's a thingiverse entry:

It'll be updated as I improve the design or add options.

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