Would anyone on here who reads braille mind giving me a little advice? I don't, but I'd like to make tactile visualizations of things like the black hole picture and want the labels to be intelligible. Thanks! Boosts welcome.

Here's an experiment to test Braille rendering. Not that I can read it but I can check the bumps are the right shape and size.

I don't read braile either, so I boosted, but I'm very intrigued by this request and project.

@plastiCage I've done some visualizations of various astronomical things already, generally for sighted people, but they would all be adaptable to people with limited or no vision, and they might find them much more useful.

How long will be the text and in what kind of language? #braille

Really just labels, things like "EHT collaboration" and "1 AU"; what language there is will be English.

There are (in german) two variants of #braille
full script: each letter has its own sign
short script: severely phrases has a special sign
I don't know, if this is also the case in english

I think so, Grade 1 Braille is mostly just a transliteration but Grade 2 has lots of contractions and is much shorter.

@JoergSorge I am 3D printing the object and this puts some constraints on the representation.

Is the text going to be readable if the bumps, instead of hemispherical, are conical? Or cylindrical? They are spaced and dimensioned according to the British standard for Braille books.

Is it okay to use the uncontracted Braille?

Does there need to be some flat space around the margin of the text, or can it get quite close to the edge of the object?


Hi, the bumps should not injure the fingers. Cylindrical is maybe not good.
It's better some #blind people try it out.

For labels of technical or astronomical stuff I would recommend to use not uncontracted #braille

Around the text enough flat space should be

Good luck

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