Microsoft's eBook store is shutting down and with it all your books will disappear, too.

Just a reminder to be cautious when purchasing digital goods (and the reason why I still prefer to buy my games on disc and books in paper).


Allow me to recommend the dedrm plugin for Calibre. This allows you to use your legal access to strip DRM from any ebook you own. You can then keep your Microsoft Store-bought ebooks. (But do it before the Store goes away!)

@anne @fribbledom If dedrm fails, it's also relatively easy to write a macro that automatically screenshots all pages of an ebook. I had to do that once when the free version of a textbook for university only had 5 copies (for 100 students) for a maximum of 7 days.

@ghostdancer @anne @fribbledom Does the DeDRM plugin work with the current version of the for macOS? I had troubles last year and am using an old app version from 2017 or so right now.

@flowfx @ghostdancer @anne @fribbledom It did six months ago when I last ran it. It was necessary to hack the installation to make the app download the deDRMable version of the ebook. There’s talk about it on Apprentice Alf’s page.

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