Should I be tagging all of my posts with #plants? You'd think I'd be better at all this social media malarkey by now...

I'm not sure hash tags have really caught on on mastodon. There's a certain critical mass of use they need to have before people need to find them useful enough to use... I occasionally tag "special interest" posts but mostly for the principle of it.

True. But this place doesn't really have the functionality to search by text alone (by design).

IDK, I've always found interesting people and posts by word of mouth, on whatever part of the internet I've been using.


I was never on twitter so I don't know how it worked there, but it seems like it would be nice to be able to more readily find discussions on a particular subject - a shared interest is a start on a connection to somebody new.

That said, I've met some very nice people here by the simple expedient of following people who say interesting things.

I've used hashtags to find some very cool people on Instagram. People who are still friends, in fact.

I guess it's all about the culture on any particular network and how it develops...

I mean, mastodon is small - a few of us might be able to make hashtags a thing here. You'd start with just a few and post new content to them regularly. So your posts, I intend to keep using when appropriate, if we can persuade a few others... Even if we all follow each other anyway it would introduce a degree of searchability that isn't there now.

For extra nerd cred we'd coordinate under of course.

True, this place is small enough that we can probably influence the culture on these things.

Also, hashtagging with #hashtag is hella meta.

I grew up reading Hofstadter's "Metamagical Themas" columns, meta is the only way to go.

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