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Welcome to mastodon everyone! I love seeing all this art posted. But we do have some folks on here who don't see well, and they really appreciate it if you add a description to your images. Just briefly what you're showing people, so that they have some idea what they're looking for.

I know sometimes it seems like too much work, and if you can't you can't. But it does make your work accessible to more people, not least because more of us will boost it.

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If you're at all interested in an image, I recommend checking the caption (in the web client, it should pop up on mouseover).

Sometimes it's just enough description for someone who can't see the image, but sometimes it explains what you're seeing or tells you why it's remarkable.

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If you find your mastodon experience too political, too meme-y, too science-y, or just not interesting enough, choose who to follow more carefully. Unfollow some people who fill your timeline with boring stuff; it's not a personal judgement, and you'll still see it if one of your friends boosts their toot. And follow someone who posts the sort of thing you like. Check out hashtags from their cool posts.

Most of all, post the sort of thing you'd like to see more of!

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It was her first dog, so she was a bit hazy on commands.
"Fetch," she would say, and her dog would wag its tail and vanish, then return with what she needed. Not always the thing she expected, but what she needed.
One day, she said "Fetch", and the dog returned with a sword.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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"You are beautiful."
"I bet you say that to everyone."
"I do. And I mean it, every time."
"Is that how you cope with the job?"
"No. If anything, it makes it harder. But then, nobody promised me it would be easy." Death grinned. "Shall we go?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Every night, Jobasha comes and hangs out on the arm of the couch with me here. It doesn't look at all comfortable, it's next to the cold wall, and there are far cozier spots, but he chooses this place and gradually falls asleep, usually with his nose on my knee. He's a rescue and had a rough start to life, so I suspect he likes the gentle, quiet company with a few soft strokes and no danger. #mastocats

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"Is it ungrateful of me to leave?" the mermaid fretted, gazing at the moon far above the waves.

"They only homed, fed and loved you all your life," yawned the sea-serpent.

"I know... I owe them."

"No, absolutely not! They can't expect control over your will in exchange for raising you. If anything, they owe you freedom."

The mermaid pondered this, "I should... at least tell them I'm going."

"I will stay beside you if you need support."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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when an agender person comes out, should they host a gender repeal party?

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Just saw a guy turn to catcall a girl and the second his eyes were off his pasty a seagull swooped by and took it 😌

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"The only thing you are endangered by is an excess of imagination," the captain laughed.

I bit my tongue; tempted to point out that we may be endangered by her lack of imagination.

But... maybe she was right.

Perhaps nothing lurked below the surface, between the shadows or behind the orbs of light that danced over the deck.

A fine tentacle uncurled from under the captain's cap.

I blinked.

She was tucking her curly hair back into place.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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A girl who couldn't be older than 12 just came into my store and ordered a coffee frappuccino and when I asked for a name for the order she said "Leeroy Jenkins"

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peinture, bijou artisanale, conseil boost plz 

Ok, les crafty de ma TL, vous voulez bien m'aider ?

J'ai une bougie (de moteur) a peindre. En 4 couleurs. Je veux ensuite faire un collier, pas sur de comment proceder.
Tout conseil est bienvenus, notamment : quelle peinture je prends ? Je me dis que de la bombe graff ca peut le faire

Des suggestions ?


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"When you pull off this stunt, the chicks will totally flock to you," the jock assured with confidence.

"W-what about dudes?"

The jock paused, tilted his head side to side, as if trying to rub a pair of brain cells together to comprehend the question.

Finally, a conclusion manifested, "Yeah totally!"

"What a-about enbies?"

His brain cells sparked much faster this time, "Totes! Everyone's gunna know you're as cool as I know you are!"

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #SliceOfLife

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"There's a place up on the mountain," her dad said, "where you can see the whole world."
"Take me there!"
"When you're older."
She couldn't wait, so climbed it herself. At last, up in the mist and clouds, she saw the warm lights of a house. She knocked.
"Welcome to the library."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Gary is whining like he's injured or hurt, the real distress noises, and it's just because no one else is downstairs yet. Poor baby, he's all alone, no one has let him out or given him meds or petted him or told him he's a good boy at all in the last couple hours, honest!

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Read “The Drowning City” by Amanda Downum. Variously billed by the publisher as a fantasy romance or a mystery - I guess those are what women are allowed to write - but it’s actually a pretty good spy thriller. Nice spirit magic, some action, nobody’s entirely bad or entirely good. I enjoyed it.

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Research questionnaire (my research project) 

I'm working to validate a metacognition questionnaire, & it rquires a certain number of participants for the stats to work. (178 completed responses) It is anonymous and is approved by the Ethics Committee - it is about metacognition, personality, and self-efficacy and takes a REAL 30 mins on a computer to complete- big screen helps as 2 Qs have lots of choices. If anyone is willing, I'd be very grateful! #psychology #research

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In February 2021, after over six hundred and seventy years, the shrine is re-re-blessed by the Dean of St. Alban's (recorded and posted on YouTube). In May 2021, the cathedral opens to the public again.

Visitors to the shrine may notice one of the new carvings in the medieval style added by the expert stoneworkers. It is a man wearing a face mask, to commemorate the dark times in which the shrine was restored. Again.

A cathedral spokesman says it "reminds us the history of St Albans stretches forwards as well as backwards".

Further sources:

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The message went out:
"Whosoever tames the dragon shall have the hand of our daughter in marriage."
"Do you think it will work?" the queen asked.
"Yes and no. I don't think anyone will tame her, but it should provide our daughter with fresh meat."
"I just want her to be happy."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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