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There are cute sounds emanating from the cat next to my head

Tech, silly 

Is there any tech with "Object" in its name that's not awful? CORBA, OLE, SOAP, JSON, ORMs…

There should only be about 3 of each kind of thing, so I don't get stuck in option paralysis.

Elf has metal opinion 

I think my least favourite element in metal is double bass drumming. Listen to and the incessant pummeling, and how it suddenly gets way heavier and groovier once it stops at around 0:48. There's other ways to up the intensity. Also this is why I love bands like Power Trip and Devil Master, because they just don't use it.


It sometimes takes several seconds for letters that I type to appear on screen, in first-party programs. Guess I'm deep into planned obsolescence now.

The IS word means sun-cycle and the SV word is a different old word for day, IIRC. (Day = dag, nychthemeron = dygn)

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That one was surprising because I thought it was a core concept, that would surely have a "native" word.

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I mean, day+night 24h chungus. Not just any slice of 24h I guess.

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That the English word for a 24-hour period is nychthemeron was surprising, but less surprising than solarhringur would have been.

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You could drop an arbitrary Latin, Greek, or French word (ASCII-fied) into an English sentence and I would think yeah, that's probably an English word. But it wouldn't work with Icelandic or Swedish words, even though they're supposed to be more closely related. Noughtwithstanding smörgåsbord, ombudsman and whatnot.

Nomads online, wandering between instances

*Daytona voice*
Let's go away

"Synth" has changed meaning since I was young (420 years ago.) I keep clicking "synth" posts and getting something unexpected.

Toad is named Toad, but he's also a Toad?

Depending on which perspective you take, I guess. I'm going to take the gay one.

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Learning some actual Swedish grammar and realised that there's a (subtle?) spoiler in the title of "Låt den rätte komma in"

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